As the Story is Told: Morpeth School – School Trustees & Teachers

As the Story is told: A history of Morpeth and communityEvery week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. This week is the conclusion to the section on the closing of Morpeth School: background information on trustees and teachers.

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School Trustees

Some of the trustees since 1906 were: Oscar Gardiner, John McLaren, A.D. McDiarmid, Cecil Hall, John McDonald, William Carnie, Arch Mitton, A.B. Kimmerly, Augustus Liebner, Henry Wilkinson, Wm. Duck, Fred Coll, Henry Trudgen, Arch McKinlay, S.W. Smith, W. H. Rhody, C.P. Duck, James Buckler, John S. McDiarmid, Edward McLaren, John Dell, William George, Harvey Smith, Archie D. McDiarmid.

Teachers of S.S. No. 2

(*Junior Room Teachers)

*1864    R.S. Findlay
1866     J.J. Boulter
*1866    Esther Tobias
1872     G.W. Sheldon
*1872    Isobel McSween
1876     Mr. Brier
*1876    Emma Reynolds
Frances Smith
1880s   Robert Park
*1880s  Miss Davidson
1888     Elizabeth Smith
1890s   Bert Gesner
1890s   Mr. Robinson
1890s   Kate Dunlop
Duncan Johnson
1907 Duncan Johnson Sr.
1907 Pliny Nethercott
1908-9 George Crombie
1909-1914 Frances Smith
*1912-14 Gladys Morris
*1914-15 Eva Dustin
*1915 Beulah Sheppy (Rose)
1915 Margaret McColl
*1916-17 Minnie Sherrit
1917-18 Ellen Heeks
*1917 Eliza Brown
*1917 Elizabeth Smith
*1918-1920 M. Crawford (McKinlay)
1918-19 Miss Martin
1919-20 Irene West
1920-21 Etta Brooks
1921-22 Alma McClaren
*1920-21 Mary E. McKinlay
1921 Miss Noack
1922 Mary Barfoot
1922 Frances Smith
*1921-24 Marguerite Stoltz
1922-24 Hazel Wilkinson
1924-25 Kathleen Dempster
*1924-27 Marjorie McLaren
1925-27 George Pocock
1927-53 Annie M. Blue
*1927-30 Jean McMillan
*1930-41 Marjorie McLaren
*1941-67 Helene Duck
1953-62 Helen Campbell
1962-67 Marjorie Dell

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