Letter home: September 21, 1939

Sept 21 page 1

This letter was tucked in the same envelope as the previous one. It continues the inside joke of “Ike” – interesting. It sounds like Helene was having a lot of trouble getting the books she needed, and maybe feeling a little behind as she started college.

I found a photo of the address where she was boarding from google maps. I wonder if that is the same house, or if it was built more recently? 23 mckenzie

23 McKenzie Ave.

Thurs. Sept. 21, 1939

Dear Folks, –

Maybe I should address this to you Ike because you wrote to me but the whole family will likely read it anyway so here goes. You must have been fairly busy the first of the week – but it’s nice to have it done. You don’t mean to tell me Ike, that you dug a pail of potatoes? And carried water? You’re going to overdo yourself. I bet you were excited the first of the week with all those Indians and the rest of the men there. It wasn’t so hot anyway – nicer weather to work. You have some terrible accidents – my old Sparky dog will have his hands full trying to look after you – Have you made my corn relish yet? And you’ve got to get that wheat finished for the fair. I’m firing orders at you from a distance. You’re getting braver at night – there’s nothing to be scared of anyway. Your list will be of some help.

I am going to send you a list of some things that I have to have. They expect you to know a lot of tings over here without teaching it to you here and that means that you have to refresh your memory for yourself from some other source of material. I want you to look these up for me. Look through the boxes of books in the closet and there is a box of books up over head in the pantry. These are books used in High School –

Canadian History

Britain’s History or English History

Ancient History.

I can’t remember whether I have them all or not – there are kids around then going to High School that you might ask about them. Any good books in the history line. Believe it or not but we are going to learn to knit. We are going to knit socks for the army. We only have a class every 2 weeks so I think it will be rather slow. I have to have some knitting needles about no. 10 or fairly large ones & some yarn to learn to knit with. The Red Cross will supply the others when we start the socks. There are some more things I want from home but I can’t think of them just now. I haven’t got a Grade IV Public School Reader yet. These books I need are not for class use – I guess maybe I can struggle through till Thanksgiving by using the Library and maybe borrowing some.

Everything around the school is wet varnish now. Oh yes, Ike when you are reading the paper, you see anything very unusual or has never happened before, cut it out & keep it for me. I haven’t nearly all my books yet. Things are getting underway slowly. You are expected to know a lot about some things. Tuesday night, a Mrs. Hansford called here for a while and I walked home with her and Mrs. Howard. She asked me if I would like to go for a walk. We went in there and had a game of Chinese Checkers and I won.

I aw the King girl down the street here twice to-day. She isn’t in my form. I heard the prize fight last night. It was about as good as the rest.

I haven’t been anywhere this week and am tired of staying home. We haven’t had very much homework yet so I think I will go downtown to a show to-night. Rose of Washington Square is on here. It’s seven now so I’ve got to get going.

You might get me a nice plant of purslane, that waxy plant like portulaca. A fairly good sized one to fit on a page 10” square. Press it with the root too. I can’t find a very big one here.


purslane plant

I don’t know anything more now and am ready to go, so I will be off. Don’t forget to write. I don’t know yet what I am going to do Sat. & Sun. To amuse myself.

Yours with Love, Helene.

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