October 12, 1939 – Letter home from London

Oct 12 page envelope

Postmarked Oct. 12, 11:30 pm, 1939 London, Ont.
Mrs. Clarence Duck, Morpeth, Ontario

Dear Folks, –

I have only about fifteen minutes before supper so this will not be very long. I didn’t get home until 4:45 to-night. There was a meeting about the Red Cross Society. There is a meeting after 4 several nights a week now. We skip some of them. The Assembly Hall to-day was full of public school teachers. They were holding their convention there. I didn’t see anyone that I knew and I don’t know what district they were from. Our teachers go to the Beal Technical School on Dundas street to-morrow.

I expect to be home to-morrow night, with Marjorie if she shows up and she said that she would. I am going to try to find out about the Thamesville bus to-night.

Ilene King

Ilene King – we’ve been hearing about her almost every week; now here is a face to go with the name.

I don’t know very much news. I take it from your letter that things go on there as usual – it even rains there. It rains here about every 5 minutes. This morning the sun was shining and a little cloud passed over the school and it poured rain for a few minutes. It is rather cold here now.

I am going out to-night with Ilene King. We are going downtown to see Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald in “Rose Marie” – you know me – just mention them & I’m off.

I think that Slim must have it pretty bad and how about Ike? He’s there all the time & goes over to Mills too. I didn’t know about the blowout on the way home until I got your letter.

Ike you had better put on all your woolens & mine too or you’ll freeze to death. I suppose you got the lowdown on the celebration on Sunday. Somebody is going to have some work to do. How are they getting along with getting Aunt Jane out of the way? They’ve got quite a job on their hands.

I have to make a drawing of some flower-preferably a single one like the holly hock or sunflower – not too many petals – the material is quite scarce. If you see one, keep it for me.

I think I had better stop now because it is nearly six. Expect to see you to-morrow.

Yours with Love, Helene.

We are not to put any flourishes on our writing. How’s mine?

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