November 1, 1939 – Halloween party

1939 envelopePostmarked London, Ont. Nov 1, 1939. 10 PM

Mrs. Clarence Duck, Morpeth Ontario

23 McKenzie Ave.,
Wed. Nov. 1, 1939.

Dear Folks, –

Seven o’clock and all’s well. I’m alone to-night Mr. & Mrs. Howard have gone to a turkey dinner at Calvary United Church to-night. There has been one at 3 churches, Monday, Tuesday & to-night. She asked me if I would like to go. I would liked to have gone but it costs $1.00 and I thought that that was too much to spend on eats all at once. She cooked me my regular dinner and I had it before they left.

I taught my lesson to-day for Miss Lancaster, Grade I, Governor Simcoe school. If you see Marjorie McLaren, tell her that I got along better to-day. I liked Miss Lancaster very much and I think that that makes a difference. Her pupils are considered to be the dumbest ones too. There were 2 other girls & myself in her room to-day. We talked to Miss Lancaster from 3:40 to nearly 5. She showed us a lot of things that she uses. She teaches Primary in the summer school at Normal each summer. I had an easy lesson to-day so I should do better i I ever am. We thought she paid us quite a compliment when she told us that she had seen pupils teach worse lessons in March than we did to-day. By then, you are supposed to know a lot. I did one or two things wrong but she said I taught a good lesson. Dr. Mark came in just after I finished. Tell Marjorie that I would rather have pupils in junior grades than the big ones. A lot of the students now have to teach lessons on the moon & the stars and I hope they get it over with.

That bus Sunday night came along much faster and we got here at 9:40. Hattie Fenton from Muirkirk got on it a little further down – she is the runt and is the one who went out to Simcoe school with me last Friday. She boards one street further south than McKenzie so we came home on the same bus. I worked until 10 o’clock that night.

I have the radio on & am listening to some music – just found out that is Benny Palmer from London 7 o’clock to 7:30. He just read their engagements for the next 2 weeks.

I told Mrs. Howard that I was going to take a bath to-night & go to bed early. I can’t take such late hours. It started last Friday night, then Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Tuesday morning I never heard the clock at all. Mrs. Howard called me at 10 minutes to 8 or I guess I would have slept till noon. I didn’t hear the clock to-day either but woke up at 7:15.

Monday night I dressed up as a ghost. We had an awful time to maneuver the sheet in position. Ilene King wanted me to go with her. She was a lady of the gay nineties – looked very nice. The costumes were wonderful – everything including the devil. The staff & their wives were the judges & they had quite a task to pick out the 4 best. They had a sing song at first, then games & then dancing. Their music was just records – one of these electric affairs of some sort – they had it hidden behind the scene.
They had doughnuts & cider for lunch. Lots of it – I had all the cider I could hold – bug juice & all likely but it was good anyway. They had 3 acts too. 2 marionettes, Jean Healy & Helen Cruikshank. A tap dance by Doris Carroll and 2 songs by Marion Follick (she sang one of Jeanette MacDonald’s). The abobe girls are all in my form – they must be the smart ones eh? I stuck it out till 12 – they stopped then & Ilene didn’t hook a man so we walked home together. It rained so much here on Monday that everything was soaking wet.

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Jeanette MacDonald & N. Eddy in Naughty Maritta is on here, Thurs., Fri. Sat. & I think I’ll go – I do love to hear them sing.
Last night we had a great many callers – as many as 6 at once. I was looking out the window and saw about 65 go to a house across the street at once. They carry 11 quart baskets or those large paper shopping bags with them & some of them had an awful load of candy, popcorn etc. They make a regular business of it.

Our next door neighbours, Grinnells left for the South to-day. We are going to have a magistrate for neighbours this winter. They have rented their house to him. I got my rubbers O.K. yesterday. It rained here last night again but I wasn’t out. It is much colder here to-night.

I will have to go out to post this. I have to finish up my weed collection to-night. Tell Mrs. Rockey I hope she is soon better & not to get too frisky. If Maud is there to look after her she’ll make her behave herself. I think there is something I wanted to tell you but I can’t think what it was.

Monday morning, Marjorie Hainsworth from Windsor, a girl in my form whom I know quite well, told me that she had seen someone whom I know. She took the Toronto but last Friday afternoon. She told me that when she got on here at London, she sat across the aisle from a young lady. At Paris, where they had their supper, she sat at the same table. Of course it was Ethel. When they got back on the bus, Ethel asked her to sit with her. They must have got to talking about Normal & Ethel must have asked her if she knew me. Marjorie didn’t know her name but she knew she was a nurse and that she knew me. Isn’t it funny how things like that happen?

If you should ever see any teacher or anyone whom you think might know of one, why ask them – its the same book I was trying to get – it’s a teacher’s manual and is called Composition & Spelling.

Has Slim been there all this week too? Tell Ike to write to me & keep your eye on her. It’s nearly 8 o’clock & I’ve got to get to work. Yours with Love, Helene.

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