November 3, 1939

Nov 3 envelopePostmarked London, Ont. Nov 3, 1939 11 PM

Mrs. Clarence Duck,
Morpeth, Ontario

Fri. Nov. 3, 1939
23 McKenzie Ave.,

Dear Folks, –

As you will see by the above I am working backwards too. You still talk in riddles Ike. I got your letter today – was looking for it. Thought I should get one either to-day or to-morrow. I suppose you got mine when you posted yours because I wrote it Wed. night & you should have had it Thursday. Thought I would just drop you a line to-night. I’m going down to see “Naughty Marietta.”

I think Slim is a bum. He did get my suitcase there in time though. He’s around to go to the show again just as soon as I leave. You’d better watch them.

Ike, that little afterthought on the bottom described you very well I thought – “I’m freezing to death.” It has been cold here this week & wet too. It is cold to-day but not so wet so you don’t mind it so letter from November 3, 1939much. If it doesn’t rain before the night is over it will be almost a record.

I went up to the bank yesterday at noon. Between the school & the bank there is a Baptist Church. They were having special meetings for 2 weeks & either this Sunday or next Dr. Swags of Pontiac is to be here. It will be in the newspaper to-morrow & I won’t know until then exactly when it will be I’ll have to try and go.Nov 3 - page 2

I haven’t been rushed so much this week. To-day I went over to Kindergarten at Worthy Road – 1 block from here. Marjorie Hainsworth, the girl who met Ethel, called for me & we went to-gether. Of course we were just observing to-day. Next Wednesday I am to tell them a story for ten minutes. She gave me a book of stories – the one she suggested is fantastic – fairy tales. I’ll just have to learn to tell it, so this week it will not be too bad.

I rather had it figured out that you might be threshing this week-end. I bet you & Ike were some looking creatures at the Halloween Party. – How is Roy Brown getting along?

Some day I may have to talk about Morpeth – its history etc. Every morning at Assembly, one pupil has 5 minutes to talk about his home community. He is picking them at random so you might be called on most any time. I was wondering if you kept that piece that appeared in the Star about the famous people that come from Morpeth. If you did, I wish you would send it to me right away. The house that Archibald Lampman was born in isn’t the same house as is there now, is it?

I haven’t been anywhere, or even downtown this week. I am awfully glad I teach on Wed. instead of Thurs. That gives me Wed. & Thurs. nights both free from worry about the lesson.

I handed my weed collection in to-day. We are going to have some tests soon so I have to study.

Well I’ve had my supper & will soon be off. We had spare ribs for supper – they were spare but good. She told me she paid 25 cents a lb. for them. I see by the paper here that eggs have gone up again. Get after those men & get the chickens in before it snows. I guess I don’t know much this time so will close for now, Yours with Love, Helene.
Don’t forget to write

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