November 8, 1939 – Humdrum week at Normal School

Nov 8 envelopeNov. 8, 1939
23 McKenzie Ave.

Dear Folks, —
I received your letter yesterday – also got one from Ethel so yesterday was my lucky day. She has been trying to do a little Christmas shopping but so far it has just been looking. She is finding it rather strange again to settle down to getting up at 6:15 in the mornings but she says she guesses that she will get used to it.

My but you are getting to be a giddy bunch. What hours you keep! You have been threshers too but you run around too. Dad wasn’t far out on his estimate of the beans, was he? I suppose the money is all spent too! You must have had quite a day on Sunday. When Tom takes a notion, he really does it. I pity the girl. I saw the notice of Mr. Shuller’s death in the paper, one day this week.

Well, I thought my lesson to-day – a story to kindergarten. I think I did very well. She said the story was very well told but I don’t know what kind of a mark she will give me. I think it should be fairly good though. So I can breathe freely to-night & to-morrow night. This Friday I go away out to Lady Beck Public School – Grade I again. There are two Beck schools side by side, Sir Adam Beck Collegiate & Lady Beck Public—I was to Collegiate before.

Now to go backwards. I seemed to be so sleepy that I spent a very lazy week-end last week-end. I did quite a lot of work in between though. I didn’t get up until 10:30 Saturday. Then I slept 2 hours after dinner Saturday. I was going to go down town and look around but I got to listening to the football game and didn’t go. I didn’t have much money to spend but was going to look around. Sat. night I was too lazy to go out too. I went for a little walk in the afternoon and it was the only time I had my shoes on all day. I got about 10 hours sleep Saturday night and another hour Sunday afternoon. So I feel better this week. I went for a half hour walk Sunday afternoon & wrote a couple of letters. Sun. night we all went to church.

Nothing very startling happened on Monday or Tuesday. Red Cross on Monday night was very boring – all about the care of babies. Our speaker was tiresome & she had a doll & showed us how to bath the baby – she is really a terrible speaker. I didn’t get home until a quarter to six.

Last night was Glee Club at 4 o’clock. Ilene & I stayed and it was pouring rain when we came home. My purse & books were pretty wet. By the way, I’m wearing that little half pint .88c hat that you bought me, to school now. It’s rather cool here.

We had a real blizzard most of the afternoon to-day & to-night it is raining. If it doesn’t snow, it rains most of the time. I don’t know yet whether I’ll be coming home this week-end or not. We are going to be having tests now beginning next week with plenty of work to do but I’ll likely wait to see what lesson I get to teach to. I just can’t make up my mind yet. I have some work to do that I could do there as well as here – art – I have to make a false face for one thing. If I don’t come home, I wish you would mail me that book, Composition & Spelling right away (Sat. if possible). Is there anything special on the boards for this week-end?

I took it from your letter that Ike was going home before the week-end. You didn’t say just when.

I haven’t been down in the stores yet – we don’t get much time.

Poor Form II. Everybody thinks that we are noisy. Some of them are pretty good talkers. McEachran bawled us out yesterday for coming to class too soon. The bells didn’t ring right. I say that if we don’t move to classes to suit them, why give a class room & let the masters come to us. I like McEachran less every day. He is cracked.

I guess I don’t know much news & I want to get this in the mail to-night so I’ll have to get going. I think there was something else I wanted to tell you but I can’t think what it was.

I have some washing to do to-night.
Maybe I’ll see you Friday night and maybe not.
Yours with Love,

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