Letters home from Normal School – November 17, 1939

The most interesting thing about this letter was the discussion of the colour of leg bands for the hens, back home on the farm. It’s interesting to hear about these little details of rural life at the time.

Nov 17 envelope23 McKenzie Ave.,
Fri. Nov. 17, 1939.

Dear Folks, —
Well at last this hectic week is ended. I don’t know why it was so hectic but it was. My lesson went pretty well but everything else seemed to drag. We had our test in Composition this morning. I don’t think I did so hot. If I had had 10 minutes longer to read over my answers I think I would have done better. We only had 36 minutes to do it. You had to know all the points well enough to write along steadily. My brain seems to work slower than that. I handed my mounted picture & story in on Thursday & that was to count on the test. It wast really as bad as I expected but I just didn’t have time to think long enough. We are having a test in music on Tuesday. One right after the other.

Nov 17 page 1I was very glad to get your letter to-day. Expected it either to-day or to-morrow. So Marion Hubbell is married. I wonder if he is any better sample than the Gillings gang.

You are having an awful time with your callers. When you want to work they won’t let you. Maybe the washing machine will work better now.

So Mandie & Fat & Bertha were over to see you. I suppose you discussed everything but the Birthday Party – so you’re going to have more to eat. I hope it goes over all O.K.

Slim & Jimmie S. are certainly nuts when they get going. Slim makes that face for everybody but us. I’m going to choke him. He’s getting wild since Ike left.

I wouldn’t listen to such a darn fool story as that Girl Alone. Why can’t they ever let the right girl marry the right man?

So Father is still having trouble with his hired men. Most of them only work when they feel like it. Jack is sticking pretty well.

It’s a good thing that somebody brings you the mail once in a while or you would need a truck. It’s nice that that fair cheque is made out to me. You can’t spend all the money on me. I think I will be able to use those books Tom sent.

antique photo chickens

Ancestor with chickens

The leg bands last year were rose coloured that rather light shade. I think there are some around my clothes or somewhere. I think that maybe green would be a good colour. There can’t be many left with green bands. Two years ago was a darker shade of rose or red, three yrs ago was blue & then green I think. Blue would not be too bad either. You can tell by looking at the hens.Nov 17 page 2 and 3

Well, I went out to Empress to-day. We left the Normal corner at 12:45 – not much time to eat to-day. Got downtown & a Dundas St. car was just leaving the corner so we took to our heels and ran down the block. It stopped there & unloaded and loaded a lot so we caught it. It’s a long block & were we winded! People just stared at us – 8 wild Indians on the loose. Another way of getting to Empress school – the road that you come into London on is called Wharncliffe Road. Follow it in & instead of turning east on Dundas go on north until you come to the school. I have to teach a lesson on “Dust” grade VIII. I’m to treat it as an enemy and teach how to control it along with other things too. I don’t know how I’ll make out.

I’m going out to a show to-night. Haven’t been out this week. To-morrow morning I’m going over to the school to work on my scrap book & I hope to go downtown shopping in the afternoon.

Well, I’ve had my supper and will soon be off. Mrs. Howard just had a phone call. Her brother & his wife from Chicago are down town & will soon be up. I don’t know how long they’ll stay but I suppose over the week-end. I guess I don’t know anything more now so will sign off for the present. Hope you get this to-morrow. Love, Helene.

Nov 17 page 4

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