November 22, 1939 letter home from Normal School

Nov 22 1939 p 1
23 McKenzie Ave.
Nov. 22, 1939

Dear Folks, –

I was very glad to hear from you on Tuesday – was rather anxious to hear about the week-end’s happenings. Say – you’ve got to look after my Sparky dog better than that. You’d better keep him in and look after him instead of letting him run all over. I hope he is better by now.

So you had bunnies last week and isn’t it funny how that guy can kill a chicken when there are bunnies in the offering. And you went down to Bert’s calling. How did that happen?

Sat. I didn’t find the Airway Cleaners. I got off the bus and walked down the whole block & looked very carefully for a sign but didn’t find it. I haven’t been here in time any night to phone them. I’ll try to phone them to-morrow night after school and try to find out about the bags. That money you found belongs to the Sunday School Class.Nov 22 1939 envelope

Poor Bert bumped his head and got a stiff neck. That’s too bad.

I suppose the big Birthday Party is all over! I suppose that Mrs. Rocky would tell you that she had a letter from me. Hope everything went off all O.K.

Well, I got my dusting done to-day. I taught first thing after dinner. It was a man teacher, Mr. Fowler, the principal. He is very nice. I don’t know what was the matter with me to-day. I just felt as if there was a great weight on my shoulders. I didn’t like my lesson at all. In my own opinion, the pupils didn’t pay extra good attention, especially the ones at the back & side, and I didn’t think they seemed very interested. I thought I had taught a rotten lesson and it would be a failure and was all prepared for his criticism.

He told me that the class had behaved very well, paid good attention which showed that they were interested and he tested them afterwards and they stood up under it which proved that I had achieved the aim of my lesson which is the important part. He said my lesson was well above a pass and admitted that I had a hard lesson to teach and thought I had done very well. It seems that I don’t know an average lesson when I see one. I came back up town and happened to meet Ilene King & shopped around with her.

recipe on 1939 envelopeMrs. Howard’s brother & his wife stayed until yesterday. Saturday night her sister & her son from Mitton came. I gave them my room and slept downstairs on the chesterfield Saturday night. They went home Sunday night.

I was downtown Saturday afternoon. In the morning I did some more to my scrapbook but it isn’t finished yet. I looked for shoes. He fitted me with-hold your breath-a 10 4A Whew! I can’t get my motor boots over them either. They seemed awfully big so tonight I went in & tried on 1/2 size smaller. 1/2 size smaller and 2 sizes wider – these are really too wide for me, so now I don’t know which is the best. What a problem! They only cost $6.00 because they are almost outside size!!! They keep 10 1/2 & 11 too.

Right now, I am rather counting on coming home this week-end but don’t count on it too much because something might come up & I wouldn’t come. If we should have too many tests next week or something.

We have been given the name of the school for our week’s teaching at Christmas. If I had Pearson’s throat between my hands I would choke him. I have to go to RR4 Blenheim – I think it’s on the fourth line. Marie Stirling is the teacher. There are so many schools close to home. If it should be bad roads, I would have to board. Rats on Pearson anyway!

I haven’t much homework to do to-night, so I think I’ll retire early. To-morrow night we are having another affair. A combination star-gazing party, marshmallow roast & dance. Lights to go out at 11:30. I guess I’ll have to put in an appearance for awhile. I’ve got to run and get this posted in time. Write me the news. I go back to Empress on Fri. Grade V. Yours, Helene.

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