November 29, 1939 – Letter home from Normal School

A couple interesting things here – the reference to “Bunny”: Bunny was my grandmother’s nickname – at the time she was my grandpa’s girlfriend. Also found the recipe written on the envelope interesting. I wonder how much dressing one put on this salad?

recipe on 1939 envelope23 McKenzie Ave.,
Wed. Nov. 29, 1939.

On back of envelope:
2 1/2 cups shredded cabbage
1 cup chopped apple, red ones, not peeled
1/2 cup chopped celery
toss lightly with fork.

Nov 29 1939 page 1Dear Folks, –
Well another lesson is over. I spent two hectic nights the last two nights trying to find a suitable paragraph. Finally I used one I found in a book for Grade V. I thought it should be suitable for the grade anyway. Miss Grieve said it was very good paragraph but said afterwards that there was a rather funny arrangement of a clause in one place and I agreed with her. She didn’t tell me whether I passed or not. She told me a lot of things that I might have done and didn’t but she was very nice about it. I liked her. We appreciate their criticism because it helps you in the future. One of my greatest difficulties is in wording or making up my questions in good form and so that they bring forth the answer I want. I had them write a paragraph for application and I got everything along with a little description.

I took my lunch to school to-day. Dr. Hofferd wasn’t there this week so far and we were to have him last period before dinner so we got out early. We ate our lunch at 11:30 and left at 12:15 for Empress. We got there about 12:45 which was plenty early but we didn’t have to hurry anyway. Alma Bowlby, the girl from Saskatchewan was with me. I walked back up town and went to see about the bags for the cleaner. I finally found the right building – the elevator girl told me it was on the second floor, but that it closed at 5 o’clock and it was 5:20 so I haven’t got them yet. I will get them as soon as possible.

Nov 29 1939 page 2 to 3Nothing very exciting has happened this week. I am supposed to be in a pantomime, “the Sleeping Beauty,” on Fri. and we don’t know it at all. I’m to be the king.

I think I will blow off steam to-night and go downtown and see Deanna Durbin in “First Love.” I just got home at 5:45 and as soon as I finish this I’ll go back again.

We have to have material on our chosen class project in by December 11th, so if you see anything about food, clothing or industry in general in Ontario why send it to me.

We also have to do a personal test. If you see any historical pictures etc., or anything about history of Kent etc., why keep it. We have to have this done by the first week in February so I’ll tell you ore about it later.

Mr. Howard is better but he is taking a rest & a series of treatments from another doctor.

I haven’t heard from Ike yet – she must be running around to too many dances. She should have more time to write letters than I have.

Did you get Bunny back to Chatham all OK? I suppose you got home all OK. Yesterday was a lovely day. To-day was nice too but there has been a little fog in the air most of the day. Well, I guess I don’t know much news so I’ll be off. Don’t forget to write me.
Love, Helene.

Nov 29 envelope

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