December 1, 1939 – letter home from Normal School

Dec 1 1939 envelope
23 McKenzie Ave.,
December 1, 1939

Dear Folks,

It hardly seems possible that December is here again. I have made two or three mistakes about that before to-day, so this time I got it right.

I was glad to get your nice letter to-day – it was a pretty good account of the happenings of the week – much more satisfying than Ike’s are sometimes. By the way, it was the only one I got this week.

I got the parcel from Eaton’s yesterday. The stockings were not too bad a colour. I guess they will be OK because they don’t have to be so light for winter wear. They substituted them.

They have a Braemore, 8 thread stamp on them so I guess I ended up with the higher priced ones after all. The galoshes are much too large – especially too wide and I think I’ll send them back & get the next height in the heels.

Dec 1 1939 page 1I got your letter at noon and read it going and coming from the school. The sweater came this afternoon. It looks lovely – just like new.

So the little lovebirds had to go on to Chatham Sunday night, eh! It’s just too bad.

John Lee didn’t fly very long. He always wanted to drive a car faster than it would go, so he tried aeroplane and he didn’t last long. It was a terrible thing though. John was a pretty good fellow and it seems to bring things closer home when it is someone you went to school with. I graduated with him. There has been a lot about it in the London paper since he was a graduate of Western. I see he was home for the week -end after getting his wings the Thursday before & then the next Wednesday was killed.

It must have been terrible for my dog to spend a night in the barn!

It was only 6:15 when I started this but I have had my supper. I was home early to-night.

Well, I went to Lord Roberts school to-day – another new one. Ruth Tunstall from Highgate and Marjorie White from Ridgetown went to the same place. This week I have to teach a lesson in Social Studies on Egypt – Home & home life or something like that for Grade III. I don’t think it will be too bad. I want to do it to-morrow night so I will have plenty of tie to learn it.


I am too tight to go to the show to-night. I can see the same one to-morrow afternoon for .25 that I would pay .40 for to-night so I think I’ll go then. I saw Deanna Durbin in “First Love” Wed. night and it is real good. I went all by myself Wednesday night & Ilene went all by herself Thursday night. It’s a pity we don’t teach on the same day.

There is a basketball practice called for 9 AM tomorrow. I may go over about 9:30. I want to finish my scrapbook too in the morning. In the afternoon I’m going downtown to look around & go to the show.

It has threatened to rain all day but held off until we were on the bus going back to Normal this afternoon. Then it rained a shower. It is raining hard again to-night but I guess I can have it as far as the mailbox.

We put on our pantomime this afternoon & it came off pretty well. When we were going up the steps in the second act, my queen stepped on her own dress & fell. She put her heel right through it. She had me by the arm & I hung onto her or she would have hurt herself. I think she weighs about 200. She had on her long graduation dress of white. By the way, she is one of the Catholics.

Well, I guess that is about all the news I know now so will walk down and mail this.

Yours with love, Helene.
I haven’t heard from Ike yet.

Dec 1 1939 page 2 3Dec 1 1939 page 4

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