Letters from Normal School: December 3, 1939

Dec 1 1939 envelopeDecember 3, 1939
23 McKenzie Ave.
Sun. Dec. 3, 1939


April 1939 cover of “Country Gentlemen” – unfortunately can’t find any pictures of the inside pages.

Dear Folks, —
No doubt you will be surprised to hear from me again. I am having difficulty in finding anything for this class project for Mr. McEachran. My subject is furniture, etc., such as was used in pioneer days in Ontario. I also may want something about men’s clothing but the other is more important. As yet I haven’t found any books on it. Pictures would be a big help too and yesterday one of the girls told me that one of the issues of the Country Gentleman had a large picture in it showing the interior of a house in pioneer days. I think she said it was the April 1939 issue – it might have been May but I think it was April. I don’t think we have that number but somebody around there takes that magazine. I was wondering if you would try to find it for me. I think maybe McLaclan’s took it. It might have been somebody else though. You might look through some of those old magazines for pictures, etc. I need to have them by Monday Dec. 10th so that I will have it for the 11th.

I didn’t get the fillers yesterday – they close Sat. afternoons but maybe someday if I’m lucky, I’ll get them. I looked the town over yesterday – saw lots of nice things for sale.

I was wondering if you would like me to get something for Merry Making. I saw some very nice story books & paint books, etc. yesterday for 25 cents. We always let things go to the last minute and then can’t get anything. You can tell me when you write. I expect to do the round of the stores again next Saturday.

I’ve been lazy to-day. Didn’t get up until after 10. I am ready for church now and thought I would scratch off this line & get it in the mail to-night on my way to church.

I got the papers yesterday & so have been reading up on the doings of the community in the Dominion. You’ll have to give them credit for the account of the Birthday Party. It sounded very good & everything was spelled correctly for once. Well, I’ve got to run. Some of the Masons are coming to their church to-night & they want to go early so I’ll have to go.

Dec 1 1939 page 1Dec 1 1939 page 2 3Dec 1 1939 page 4





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