December 4, 1939: Letter from Margaret

Interesting notes:
“The Happy Gang” was a CBC lunchtime radio program that aired from 1937-1959
“Oh Johnny Oh” was recorded in 1937 by the Andrews Sisters (listen here)

I’m not sure how Margaret is related to Mary Kimmerly, except that she must be one of Mary’s sibling’s daughters. Petrolia was quite a hopping town in its day. I enjoyed looking over the Petrolia Heritage site.

Dec 4 envelope


Addressed to Mrs. C.P. Duck
Morpeth Ont.
Postmarked Petrolia 5pm Dec 4 1939

Petrolia, Ont.
Dec. 4, 1939

Dear Aunt Mary,
I received your letter the other day, and I was very glad to hear from you. I was wondering if you were sick when I hadn’t heard from you for so long.

I started to work a week ago last Tues. and I was working just one week exactly when the girl I was working for went to the hospital so I am home again. Its rather sad especially since it just 3 weeks until Christmas.

Mother and Mrs. Grey are busy knitting for Xmas. I think I will do some to.

Yesterday was a miserable day. It rained all day long.

Today is Election Day. I thought I would have a vote but not this time.

I was studying up the ones I’d vote for and then I can’t vote. It’s just for land-owners and rate payers. However there will be a big time down town tonight so I will go out then.

Last Friday night the Lion’s Club had a big party so Walter, Alice, Rose, and I went. Some of the ladies wore evening gowns. I had on my blue dress. No one had seen it before.

I was thinking about you the day of the missionary meeting. I guess on Wed. if I can I am going to the dentist because my front tooth has to be fixed and one to be pulled out. I have been thinking about you and when are you going to get yours pulled. Sat. I sent the duck out to Walter’s. When Dad had it alone or in with some roasters it wouldn’t eat but when he put in with the hens it was allright. So we decided to put it with some more ducks to fatten it up. I was going to send you pictures that I took that Sunday at Miner’s but I forgot them and now I can’t find them. I have been looking for a letter from Helene but I haven’t got one yet, so I guess I will write to her maybe this afternoon.

I have been doing some reading since I came home. I have read 4 library books. I got one last Thursday and finished it Sat. night. The name of it was “Appointment with Death.” Did you listen to the Hockey game Sat. night. It was very exciting wasn’t it.

I am listening to an orchestra playing “Oh Johnny.” That’s just twice since noon. They sang it on the Happy Gang. I guess I will close for now. Hoping to hear from you soon. Give my love to the family and say Hello to Grandmother for me.

Lots of love
I hope my doggie is better now.
It is too bad that Helene has to go so far away to teach.

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