Letter from London Normal School: Dec. 6, 1939. “Ike” mystery solved.

Some of my regular readers will remember me puzzling over WHO IS IKE? – there are quite a few letters referring to a mysterious “she” named Ike. Well this letter and the previous one helped me put 2 and 2 together. See if you can figure it out.

Dec 6 page 1

Dec 6 envelope23 McKenzie Ave.,
Dec. 6, 1939
Dear Folks, –
I’m in a hurry to-night so am afraid this will be short. I have to hurry to get this in the mail. I guess someone has picked up my “Principles of Method” – it seems to be gone anyway and I am using Ilene King’s & have to get it back to her soon.

Several blows have fallen to-day. They are shoving work on us from all angles. I have to have that work on Pioneer Life for McEachran on Monday. By the way if you are sending me anything on it you should mail it not later than Friday so I will have it by Saturday. I have been unsuccessful so far in finding anything on it & don’t know what I am going to do.

Miss Davidson told us this morning that we are going to have a test on foods on Tuesday. Dr. Hafferd told us we would have a test on Natural Science on this Friday so instead of going to a show to-night as I had planned, I am going to study natural science. My lesson went very well to-day. The kids are beginning to get the Christmas spirit & they are hard to keep quiet. Miss Belton told me that she gave me a mark that you might call in the honour class – don’t tell anybody because it doesn’t happen very often. I got up town in time to-night and got the bags for the cleaner. 5 for 70 cents. Will send them on tomorrow. Now, it’s up to you to figure out how to put them in. He told me that either London or Windsor is our closest branch. I go back to Dec 6 page 2 and 3Empress Ave. to grade III next week – last one before Christmas.

We are having our operetta Christmas tree & dance combined on Tuesday, December 19th. I have heard on quite good authority that we get out on Thursday the 21st. I wish you people would decide if you would like to come down here after me on Thursday and window shop, weather permitting, or not. I may be home the week-end before & if I thought you weren’t going to come down, I could bring home a load of stuff then.

Aside from a lot of unexpected tests, lessons to get up and projects, life is running very smoothly. I had a letter from Ike yesterday. It was merely a note. All she told me was that she had no job and that it was election day. I could do better than that anytime. She writes some awful notes sometimes.

I always think of something I want to tell you after I’ve finished but I guess I’ll have to go now. I’ll try to write you another Fri. night.

Yours with love,

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5 thoughts on “Letter from London Normal School: Dec. 6, 1939. “Ike” mystery solved.

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