Letters from Normal School: December 18, 1939

Dec 18 envelope frontDecember 18, 1939 (in envelope dated Dec. 13)

Dear Folk, —
So you got up to Fred’s all O.K. I suppose Uncle Will looked the chickens all over. You’ll be able to chase the dust now if the cleaner works O.K. I was thinking we might go back to that place and see about oil, the day you come down if you wanted to. So Father can’t take it eh! I thought those men could do anything – the horseradish is pretty powerful stuff. I remember that one session I had with it. I had a towel too.

Those men are going to get their spring work done this winter. They must be smart eh? Has Art dug himself out of the barnyard yet? Just imagine ploughing at nearly Christmas.Dec 18 p 1

So Slim is corresponding with Ike eh? The little sap!
To review my week-end activities. I have found a new friend in Marjorie Hainsworth, the one that Ethel met on the bus. As I told you, I went down to the Public Library with her last Friday night. I was home about 9 though. She met her boy friend at 8:30. He is a fellow, she has known for 3 or 4 years. Saturday morning I went to the bank and to the school. I have furnished my book in manual training at long last. I should have something else done by now. I spent most of the afternoon downtown in the stores. There was quite a crowd from 4 o’clock on. I just got home and had my supper when the phone rang and it was Marjorie wanting to know if I would like to go to a show with her. I had debated Fri. Night whether to go or not – it was to the one near us here – so I said I would go. She had to take a look back to the library and so we walked to the Library and then took the bus to the theatre. Saw, “Little Tough Guys in Society,” and “Indianapolis Speedway.” They were both good. I don’t know when I’ve laughed so much as I did at the first one. We walked home afterwards – she lives just about opposite me on Tecumseh, the street next to MacKenzie.

There was a basketball game Monday night at Central Collegiate. I went with her again and we walked all the way home. Were home about 9 o’clock, then studied till midnight.

Well, I taught my lesson to-day. Miss Darch told me it was a good lesson – whatever that means. Nobody has ever told me that it has been rotten, whether they felt like it or not. I don’t know. I walked uptown tonight from Empress. We are having our Christmas tree on Fri. Afternoon. We drew names in our form – you have to buy a .10c or .15c toy – afterwards they are going to give them away. I went into Woolsworth’s to look at them and met Marjorie in there so we went around together. We each bought a game. It snowed some very wet snow and was damp and cold. I think it has been raining since then. The buses are jammed these nights.

Dec 18 p 2-3When I got home last night I got your letter & also one from Toronto. Ethel has from Friday to Monday of next week-end off and is going home so that is one more reason that I want to go home. She doesn’t know I’m going home but maybe I’ll get a chance to see her. You had better warn the young guy that I might want the car Saturday or Sunday. I think Bunny will soon be living there – she has been there every Sunday for a month.

Well, I guess I’ll save the rest until I see you and go out and post this now. I have some studying to do. If anyone asks you why I don’t write, just tell them I’ve been buried under a pile of work. I expect to see you Friday night.
Love, Helene

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