Letters from Normal School: December 19, 1939

Dec 19 envelopeMon. Night

Dear Folks, —

Just thought I would drop you a line., I got to the house here about four o-clock. Called Marjorie & her landlady said she had gone for a walk. Called Ilene & her landlady said she had gone to Sunday School.

Called Marjorie again later. Her roommate had gone away for the night and Marjorie used her book & loaned me her own. I started about 6 o’clock and kept on until nearly 10 o’clock. Set the clock and started again before 6 this morning. I’m afraid I didn’t do very well on the test. I just didn’t have time to perfect everything. The religions test was worse.

I’m going to retire before very long.Dec 19 p 1

Ilene told me to-night I was going to escort her to the party tomorrow night. I don’t think I’ll see much of the dance though.

I can’t get over what I had to eat over the week-end. Duck dinner Friday night, cold duck for dinner Sat. Noon, chicken Saturday night, cold duck for Sunday noon. I asked Mrs. Howard last night if she had chicken for supper – and she did. I think that is nearly a record for one week-end.

If you are not in too big a hurry on Thursday and if you can have them, Mrs. Howard would like two dozen of eggs. I see by the paper to-night they are listed at .25c top.

Dec 19 p 2 3I’m going to do a little art and study my speech for McEachran and then hit the hay.

Will be seeing you Thursday, Helene.

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