Letters from Normal School: 1940

Jan 12 1940 envelope23 McKenzie Ave.
Jan. 12, 1940

Dear Folks, —
Just a line to let you know that we are beginning to get back to the old grind again. As you can see by the above, I am still a year behind. It doesn’t seem possible that January is nearly half gone already.

We had sort of a reunion Wednesday afternoon. It was our day to teach and so they made a special timetable for us. We had 2 spare periods, one P.C. and one music so you see we only had 1/2 hour of work. We visited in the spare periods. Marjorie got back on the train about the same time I did. Her school was nearby all French. Some of them couldn’t speak very good English. She said she enjoyed it anyway. I found I didn’t have a lead pencil so I went up town Wednesday afternoon and got some and some Vicks for my nose. It still runs all the time. There are an awful lot of colds at the school now. I studied Wednesday night and last night for our Geometry test today. I think I knew it well and should get a good mark in it. Some of them say that we will mark the papers but I don’t suppose we will mark our own.

Well I went to Miss Buckle, Grade II at Governor Simcoe to-day. It isn’t far and I was going to walk but one of the girls who boards a block from here, Agnes Chalk, had her car so I went with her. I have to teach a lesson in arithmetic and one in spelling. They should be fairly easy but I don’t know how to start them. The kids are dumb too.

They posted the names of the schools where we are to teach a walk in the city and believe it or not I am going to Grade II, Wortley Road – that is the one right here, only a block away. I’m lucky – some of them have to go a long long way. Marjorie has a school called St. Johns, it is a Catholic school, quite a way from here & they tell her there are a lot of Poles there. She seems to get all the foreigners.

I got a letter from Toronto to-day. She worked all day Christmas day and had her Christmas dinner at the hospital. They went to a show to celebrate New Year’s. I’m going to write her and Ike a letter before this week-end is over or bust.

I’m going to do a little washing, write letters & maybe do something on my lessons to-night. Mr. Howard has gone out & she is going out too. He stops work now at 5 so we have supper at 5:30 or 5:45 at the latest.

I guess that is about all I know now, so will get out and get this in the mail. Yours with Love, Helene.

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