As the Story is Told: The Smith Home

The Smith Home

Dale & Patty Smith

The Smith Home, Morpeth, Ontario

The Smith Home

For the most part of its many years, this home on Main St., No. 3 Highway, in Morpeth, has been owned by different Smith families. The present house, situated on Lot 6 and 7, is the second home to have been built here, the first was directly behind the house which stands today. The original lot consisted of 1.25 acres, stretching from John Street to Furnace Street. On this property now there are six homes and a large implement shed.

The land was originally owned by John Kitchen, who sold it to John R. And Flora C. Smith on January 15, 1865. It was John, a carpenter, who built the present house in 1877, at an approximate cost of $800. Downstairs it consisted of three large rooms, requiring three separate stoves for heating. It is believed that coke, a relatively clean type of coal, was used in these stoves for fuel. In those years, this home was classified as a well-insulated one because of the four layers of building material on the walls – lathe, plaster, tar paper and siding.

It was in this house, that in 1933, John R. Smith passed away. He was buried in Trinity Cemetery following funeral services held in the Smith home. The property was left to his son Arthur Smith, who after a few years sold it to John M. And Ellen Smith (no relation) for $1300.

At one time John and Ellen used an oil furnace, situated approximately sixty feet west of the house in a small shed, to heat the home. Pipes were placed under the ground to transfer the heat; but because of the amount of heat lost, a gas furnace was installed in the house after the war. Ellen Smith sold the property to Isaac W. (Dick) and Marjorie Akins for $7,800, after having lived there for thirty years.

The present owners H. Dale and Patricia A. Smith purchased the home on April 1, 1975 for the price of $17,500. Since that time they brought an additional lot (part of the original lot) from Bert Hall, with a large implement shed on it. Many major renovations have taken place on the interior of the house but the intentions are to leave the exterior design relatively the way it is, except for necessary repairs. Dale and Patty, with their daughters Jennifer and Kimberly, are the fourth Smith family to have owned this house and only John R. and Aruthur were Kin.

Of this house many memories exist and many stories can be told by individuals who have lived in Morpeth and experience the many changes in our community.

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