Summer before Normal School – letter to Mother

I found this letter very entertaining – but just recently found it somewhere apart from the rest of the collection. Chronologically, it is set the summer before Helene goes away to Normal School. I unfortunately don’t have the end of the letter, but it’s very interesting. Now that I’ve solved the “Ike” mystery – we know it is Helene’s cousin Margaret.

1939 letter

Morpeth, Ont.
Wed. Aug. 9, 1939

Dear Mother-
I think that this is going to be a Daily Bulletin or a diary of the doings of Mike & Ike during your absence. To begin with – Dad called us at 5:30 yesterday morning – boy what a shock!! I started to get the wash water in and every hour it looked more like rain and after I had started to wash it did sprinkle a few drops but I decided to keep on. I fed the old hens and Ike fed the young chickens. I had the washing done, everything emptied out and the floor scrubbed at 11 o’clock. Meanwhile Ike washed the dishes and got the vegetables ready for dinner. (Father dug the potatoes before breakfast). Ike starched the clothes and hung them out. The weather cleared and the sun shone most of the afternoon. When it was raining during the ball game, the sun was shining here. It didn’t rain here till night so the clothes all got dry and Ike ironed all of them except the starched things. I had the beds to make after dinner. The first ball game of the playoffs between Ridgetown Merchants and the Red Shirts was to be down here last night. It began to cloud up about 5:30 and looked very threatening. Ike hustled around and got supper early because Dad was here and then Donald came home for supper too. Grandmother came home last night too. They were drawing wheat yesterday and one load to-day. Dad went with the trucker to Blenheim to-day and they came back for their dinner about two o’clock.

We all went to the ballgame and it rained a fairly steady rain all the time we were there. Morpeth couldn’t get an umpire so there were 2 from Ridgetown. Jimmy Early got mad at a decision and didn’t play until Morpeth got an umpire. Archie Roberts did it. There was another argument and Archie won out in it. A minute or so later Archie collapsed and was laid out on the ground. Just then it started to rain hard and they carried Archie over to Early’s and we came home. I thought, “Oh Archie is just having another one of his fits.” We went to bed last night before the men came home and something was said about Archie at the breakfast table this morning and Dad said that they said that he was dead by the time they got him in the home. So it wasn’t a bluff this time. It was a good thing for Morpeth that it rained because they were behind and it got rained before they played 5 innings so it wasn’t a game. [the rest of the letter is missing.]


Aug 9 1939 p 2 and 3

Aug 9 1939 p 4

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