Letters from Normal School: 1940 Visit to the Kellogg’s factory

Feb 9 1940 pg123 McKenzie Ave.,
Feb. 9, 1940

Dear Folks, —

I received your letter to-day. I don’t know what has happened to the postman. He was late last night and he usually comes about 9 in the morning but he didn’t come to-day until after I left for the country at noon so I got your letter to-night when I got home.

This is one of the days when you don’t have time to eat. I had to be back at the school at 12:40 to-day. Taxis took us out to Mr. Rigney’s. Ruth Tunstall of Highgate is my duplicate number. She and I went in one taxi and the other 3 in another. The whole Normal School was to go through Kelloggs to-day so when we came out of the school at 2:30 we told the taxi driver that we wanted to go to Kellogg’s so he drove us there. We were to go through in groups of 20 so we were there early and got right through. There really wasn’t so much to it. The machines made so much noise that we couldn’t hear everything the guide said and all the processing was done inside of huge machines that you couldn’t see into. They went too fast too. For instance we passed some bags full of something and he said it was bags of rice. The next machine you could see something coming out the bottom and he said it was Rice Crispies and that is all we saw of that process.

The part where the machines were boxing it up was the most interesting I think. When we finished there was a whole swarm of students waiting to begin.

Yesterday there was a bulletin board notice for Miss Elgie & Miss Duck to call a certain phone number and ask for Mrs. Hobbs. Both Verna and I said that we didn’t know any Mrs. Hobbs. She phoned the number though and this Mrs. Hobbs wanted her to come out for dinner. I knew by the way she talked that she still didn’t know who it was so she left and I took over. It was Mrs. T. Elgie’s daughter Beulah. I didn’t know her name as Hobbs. I don’t know why I didn’t get them when I phoned because it is the same number. I am supposed to go out there a week from to-morrow if nothing happens to prevent it. This girl Verna Elgie is some relation of theirs I suppose since her name is Elgie too. She is supposed to go too.

Last night I was out from 8.00 – 9.30 to see the boys play basketball. They were trained properly. They haven’t won a game yet.

I’m staying in to-night I think. I have plenty to do. I have a little washing to do too. Mrs. Howard is some better but is feeling very miserable yet. She had the doctor yesterday and he told her that she had intestinal flu.

I think I’ll go downtown to-morrow afternoon and see Kay Kyser in “That’s Right – You’re Wrong.” I don’t know whether I’ll like it or not. It is two weeks to-morrow since I have been to a show. I hope you went to see “First Love.” Whenever they are going anywhere you want to hook on their coat tails and go too.

I’m going to the school in the morning. I have to give my speech for McEachran on Monday. We are having a test in Grammar next Friday. Ilene King got out to-day.

I can’t seem to think of anything more just now. It seems to me that I’m forgetting something but I don’t know what.

Love Helene.

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