As the Story is Told: Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeLeener’s Home

Mr. & Mrs. Robert DeLeener’s Home

(former Lindsey home – Lot 100 TRS)

DeLeener's Home, Morpeth, OntarioThis picture was given to Mr. and Mrs. DeLeener by the late Douglas Bell. On the back is written – “Pine Grove” – June 1903, Geo. Walters, wife and friend.” Other owners in the early 1900s were – Handys, Bells, Walter and Sadie (Grieves) Stevenson, and Walter Stevenson’s parents. Around 1920 Mr. and Mrs. James Lindsey bought the farm from the Stevensons.

Jim and Pearl first met at the William Trudgen farm, Jim helped with the farming and Pearl assisted Mrs. Trudgen with the household work. The Lindseys were married in St. John’s Church, Morpeth in 1918, both were members of that church and active in its choir. They have one daughter Dorothy (Willis) of Kent Bridge, Dorothy has two daughters: Marney Nichols, Thamesville and Heather Hunter, Chatham.

In 1946 the farm was sold to Mrs. Hustead, a widow from Detroit, and in 1950 Mr. and Mrs. William McKay, of Morpeth, became its owners. During this time, 1946-58, the farm was worked by Harley Trudgen. Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeLeener have owned the property since 1958. They have one daughter Olive Vandenhende. Robert and Marie are well known for their racing pigeons.

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