Letters from Normal School: February 16, 1940

Feb 16 1940 letter23 McKenzie Ave,
Feb 16, 1940

Dear Folks, —
Well, another week is almost over. I went to Simcoe to-day with Marjorie. She doesn’t teach in the same room with me though. I have to teach a memory gem. Just 4 or maybe 6 or 8 little simple lines – a verse. Teach them to say it. One suitable to the season would be best. I looked for an hour to-night and haven’t found a very good one yet. I wish I could talk to Marjorie McLaren or Mildred Wade for a minute or two. I’d think they should know one. I won’t be finishing my lesson up until Tuesday I don’t expect because I have a Grammar test on Monday and hygiene on Tuesday. I also have a lot of art to do for Monday. Things are piling up again.

To-morrow I have a lot of things to do. I have to go to the bank sometime before I pay next week’s board. I am supposed to be at Silverwoods dairy at 9:30 to go through it and I should be doing manual training. We didn’t know about the dairy trip until to-day and a lot of the students are going home so will miss it. This morning a professor talked to us for 3/4 of an hour on birds.

Marjorie is going home to-night. She is going to have a rather bad week-end. Two exams to study for. The train doesn’t leave here until 9 to-night so it will be after 11 before she gets home. Then her mother teaches all morning to-morrow and they have to leave at 5 something Sunday to come back.

I may come home next week-end and may bring Marjorie with me. It’ll be about time to blow off steam then. I want to know if you think you might bring us back if we did come, weather permitting etc. I wish you’d tell me in your letter the first of the week. I haven’t said anything to her so don’t count on it until you hear from me again & I want to hear from you. As I said before they are bringing on exams now and if they should put some on for a week from Monday we couldn’t come, or if the weather was bad, etc. I might not come until the next week. Write and let me know. We never know here until the last minute what we’re going to do. We might make it two weeks from now. I’m going out for supper to-morrow night I expect. The rest of the week-end I have to study and work – so you see,, I have plenty to do to keep me busy. I think I’ll go to see “The Great Victor Herbert” to-night. You can’t work all the time. If you don’t believe it, ask Marjorie McLaren. It is cooler again here but the last two days have been lovely.

Well, I guess I’ll be going.
Love, Helene.

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6 thoughts on “Letters from Normal School: February 16, 1940

  1. Today I googled “23 McKenzie Ave” and “London” and landed on your wonderful site. As a fellow genealogist for the past couple of decades, I can appreciate all the effort you have put into your site and your wonderful spirit of sharing your family’s history.

    The house at 23 McKenzie Ave, London, was purchased by my father in 1977 and remains in the family, although it will soon be placed on the market for sale. I lived there from 1977 to 1980 with my parents until we moved to the old farm homestead on Commissioners Rd W. My brother and his new bride took over the McKenzie home.

    It was fascinating to read Helene’s letters written from the same rooms I know so well. I feel connected somehow to her now.

    I have my own set of family letters from generations back that I have scanned and uploaded to Flickr for safekeeping but I am so impressed with your presentation here that I am considering following your example and creating something more user friendly for other family members to find these treasures.

    Thanks again for sharing your family’s story.

    Barb (nee Norton) El, Edmonton

  2. It is interesting to hear this connection to the house that was Aunt Helene’s home while she was in London.

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