Letters from Normal School: February 21, 1940

1940 letter
23 McKenzie Ave.,
Feb. 21, 1940

Dear Folks, —
Well, another week is past. One month from to-day we get out for Easter. Time just seems to fly. I can’t begin to keep up with it. Well, I taught my lesson to-day. It was for Miss Lancaster. I taught there before, my second lesson. I liked her then and I still do. I didn’t think my lesson was too good but she started off her remarks by saying that she had given me a good mark before but she was gibing me a better one now. We like to hear nice things about us once in a while. My lessons since Christmas haven’t been so good but this one will help out. She said that I had improved since I was there before.

Last Saturday morning I got to Silverwoods about 9:30 and got into a group. It took an hour and a half to go through it and I found it very interesting. When we finished they gave us an ice-cream bar each. I went from there to the bank, then to the school and did Manual Training until 12 o’clock.

I went out to Mrs. Hall’s for supper. I didn’t get there until nearly supper time. Verna Elgie didn’t show up. I had a very nice time. Her husband seems very nice. I thought their baby was a boy but it was a girl. It certainly has grown. Mrs. Elgie came over after supper and I stayed until about 10:30. If I got it right, they are having their Golden Wedding sometime in early March.

Sunday developed into rather a stormy day here too. I didn’t get up until 11:30, so needless to say my breakfast and dinner were all at once. We had a chicken supper. It was so stormy at night that I didn’t go to church.

Everybody seems to be all in to-night. I guess it is the let-down after the two tests and teaching to-day. I went up to the Library to return a book and then stopped to see Marjorie and her outfit on the way back. They are all in too.

I asked Marjorie about going home with me and she said she would like to. We are praying that Hofferd or somebody doesn’t put a test on for Monday. If that happens we won’t be able to come or if it should be too stormy. If I should find anything new out to-morrow, I’ll write you again, so if you don’t see me you’ll be hearing from me. If would be alright for you to come after us if you wanted to get in the stores for business etc. But we can get home all right on the bus. Unless I hear from you again, we will plan on going on the bus. Now, again, this is not absolutely certain because we’re never sure about anything but we’re hoping anyhow.

By the way, the tests we had were terrible. She gave us everything for health that I didn’t consider very important. I studied most of it until I could recite it but she didn’t ask us for that.

Well, I’ve got to get going if I am to get this in the mail. I have some washing to do to-night too. I hope to see you Friday, I hope, I hope, I hope.


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