As the Story is Told: Morpeth Newspapers II

Can you imagine this round-about poem working as advertising today? This week’s excerpt from “As the Story is Told” is about another ancient Morpeth newspaper.

Morpeth Gleaner

A copy of this paper dated February 1, 1860 is in the Chatham-Kent Museum. The heading states it contains Literature, Poetry, Agriculture, and General News. Its motto “Not bound to swear or speak according to the dictates of any Master (Horace)”. G.W. Verall was the publisher and proprietor. It was a four-page weekly paper which came out every Wednesday.

An advertisement in the issue:

New Cure for Corns
When killing frosts make people shiver,
And paralyses the heart and liver;
When chilling winds would skin a toad,
When we are forced to go abroad,
Our very breath Jack Frost embraces,
And dangles ice from bearded faces.

Kind friends I modestly would hint,
When ye peruse this good Clear print,
If not inclined to wear a sheet,
Look low! And think upon your feet,
Though smiles betray man’s disposition,
Boot laughter grins for the physician;
When soles are bent on leaving uppers
You may save pounds by spending coppers.

Think on the ills you may engender,
From crazy shoes both old and tender.
Rheumatism, colic and the ague,
Chilblains and corns too, may plague you
And many ills I do assure you,
From which I’m anxious for to cure you,
By selling Boots of your dimension,
Well worthy of your strict attention.

My boots are not from prison sent
But made in Morpeth, County Kent,
Nor are they glued by steam together
But made by hand of trusty leather.
To fit the foot I’ll guarantee;
If you doubt this just call and see,
Look out for Wilson’s Big Brick store!
I don’t live there! But call next door.
You will find, I am most fervent,
Your most obedient humble servant.

James Taylor.

Written by James Taylor.

Boot and Shoe Maker – Main Street, next door south of W. Wilson’s Brick block. Printed in Morpeth Gleaner – dated Jan. 18, 1860.

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