Letters from Normal School: Spring snowstorm

March 20 1940 letter23 McKenzie Ave.
March 20, 1940

Dear Folks, —
The first day of spring and what a day! Last night when I came home about six, the air felt to me just like spring – I could almost hear a robin singing. Last night at 10:30 I was standing out here on the corner talking to Ilene and the moon was shining and the air was so nice and then to wake up to this. I could hardly believe my eyes to-day. I was up till 2 this morning and there wasn’t any snow then. We certainly got our share here. A lot of us are wailing because some are afraid they won’t be able to get home to-morrow. I’m afraid that Ilene King won’t get home. She had a letter from home last Monday and they expected a snowplow to clean out the remains of the snow from their road that day. Of course they have been getting through but I bet they aren’t going through to-night.

I was out to Rigney’s to-day. We got there O.K. The road was rather heavy. The taxi went on out with 3 more to a school further out the same road. They got stuck and never got there at all.

I don’t know what you are thinking about your prospective trip to London. I see by the paper that it was the worst storm of the season. Everything north of London is blocked. I don’t imagine that roads that weren’t blocked before could be so bad this time.

If you do decide to come, we still don’t know what time we get out. It is understood now that we don’t get out until 4 but they are so crazy that they might let us out sooner. They never tell us anything. However we don’t expect it. I’m going to call the Greyhound to-morrow at noon and ask if the morning bus to Detroit has gone thru and so on, in case I have to catch the night one. I haven’t packed anything because if you come I will take home more than if you don’t. I haven’t had a minute up till now anyway. Maybe I’ll get started to-night. If for any reason, you might want to phone me, do it between 12:15 and 1 to-morrow. You, no doubt know more about the roads in the country than I do. If, you should come, I would suggest coming early after dinner, so as to get here by mid-afternoon anyway, just in case we get out early.

I have been running on 5 1/2 hr sleep this week and last night I didn’t even get 5 hours. This week has been a nightmare of tests and lessons etc. Will tell you the details when I see you. I wrote to Ethel and told her to write me at Morpeth.

Hope to see you to-morrow.
Love, Helene.
If you don’t show up by 4, I’ll try to get home on the bus.

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