Letters from Normal School: the illicit brick of ice cream

April 10 1940 letter to parents

I like this letter. I found it interesting that they ordered in ice cream from the drug store, and the illicit nature of the eating of ice cream. I wonder why she didn’t want her landlady to know?

23 McKenzie Ave.,
April 10, 1940.
Dear Folks, —
I nearly forgot that I am supposed to write a letter to-night. I taught my lesson to-day in Kindergarten. I got just what I thought I would – opening exercises, then a conversation on making maple syrup and then some marching and rhythmic movement. It wasn’t very different and she said we all had good lessons, whatever that means.

I was really mad to-night, so I’ll take it out in writing to you. I went up to do some Manual Training. I asked Haggerman for some wood to make a lawn ornament and he gave me some more old warped stuff. He is alright but he gives me the worst old wood. It is hard to make anything out of a board with a bow in its back as big as a balloon. So I came home and asked Mr. Howard to get me some finished wood and he is going to get me some. I haven’t time to fool around with that other stuff. I might better buy the wood myself and start again and besides time is so short. I’m cooling off again a little but I certainly was disgusted. If Haggerman says anything to me, I’m apt to throw it as his head.

Mrs. Howard is getting ready to go out again to-night. She has been out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The last two nights it has been church meetings.

Now to back up a bit. I don’t know whether you smelled their meal cooking or not but I did. As soon as you left we had our supper – it was their main meal. Some old friends of theirs phoned after supper to say that they would be over for awhile. I went to the kitchen to paint my map. About 8 o’clock the doorbell rang and it was Marjorie. She came to the kitchen and talked until I finished my map and then we went upstairs. She stayed until about ten o’clock. I think she really came over, thinking that you might be here. We hashed things out anyway.

Monday it was back to the old grind. Monday noon, Mr. and Mrs. Howard got an invitation out for supper – up to the same place where they’ve been going. She said she had a roast to cook and would cook my supper first. Then she told me to ask Marjorie over for supper with me so I wouldn’t be alone.

Marjorie came and we had our meal to-gether – roast pork and it was good. We sat at the supper table and talked over an hour. Then we investigated the kitchen and proceeded to wash the dishes. We had quite a time to find everything. In the midst of it the doorbell rang and it was Ilene King. She was looking up some things for Manual Training. After she left, Marjorie and I endeavoured to do some work. In about 2 minutes the doorbell rang again and she was back. She had lost a paper on the way. She left and we went to work. After a while we phoned the drug store and I had a brick of ice cream sent over. We couldn’t eat it all so I called Ilene up and told her we wanted her right away. She came down and ate the rest of it. We finished our work and Marjorie went home about 11:30. By the way I had my bath Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Howard don’t know about the ice cream, not that I care. I saw Marjorie Friday and Saturday nights in Windsor and Sunday and Monday nights in London.

I have a Grammar test on Friday and Literature on Monday and so have plenty to do.

Did you get that tooth out? I had a letter from Ethel to-day. Everything is about the same as usual I guess.

Mr. Wheeler is having the Normal School students for his choir in Dundas Centre United Church Sunday night. There is supposed to be 60. Marjorie is singing in it and I want to go to the service. Of course all the Normal Students that can are to go.

We also have a prospective trip to Guelph lined up for May 23. It is an annual affair. Mary DesMaree and Catherine Graham (Blenheim) both have the measles I guess. There seems to be a lot of colds in the school now and they are doing a lot of coughing. In the fall they just lost their voices.

It seems to me I wanted something but I guess not now. I thought on Monday that I had left my Nature Diary home but I found it.

I guess I don’t know any more news. I’ll stop now and go to work.

Love, Helene.
Those darn Leafs won last night too. They may win out yet. I only wish those Rangers could play them again in New York.


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