Letters from Normal School: April 12, 1940

1940 April 12 letter23 McKenzie Ave.,
April 12, 1940.

Dear Folks, —
Just a line to-night. There isn’t much new. I looked for a letter from you to-day but didn’t get it so will look again to-morrow. I think I’m going to stay in to-night, unless I change my mind suddenly. The shows in this town are not much good. I may go downtown to-morrow afternoon. Marjorie is supposed to go to choir practice to-night – for Sunday night I mean. She and Ruby are going to see “The Great Victor Herbert” and the Dead End Kids in “Dress Parade”, to-morrow afternoon. I’ve seen them both and they are both grand which makes that a good double feature.

By the way Mrs. Howard told me the other day that Mr. Howard likes your syrup better than what they bought. They get a gallon every year from the same man and he brought it the other day. Are you making much?

Somebody said that spring is just around the corner. I think they’re right. It’s around the corner alright. I wore my spring coat for a day or two but went back to the winter one to-day.

Last night was certainly awful. I wasn’t out but it looked awful. It started to snow before I came home from school and kept it up. There was plenty to-day. I see by the paper it snowed 3 inches here. It is going off again to-day though. I said that it was typical London weather.

I don’t suppose you heard the windup of the hockey game last night. You’d be asleep before then. It was a grand game. That is the kind I would like to see. I think Toronto really surpassed themselves last night. I know the Rangers are great and Toronto must have been good to keep it up last night. I thought the climax was good. The fans had been cheering their heads off all night and sometimes Foster Hewitt was shouting his head off too against the roar of the crowd and he was so excited when Toronto nearly scored that he could hardly talk. Then when Patrick scored that goal it was just as if those 14000 people had died instantly. I never heard a clap or a sound of any kind. You had no trouble to hear him then. It was very striking I thought. We didn’t stay on to hear their comments afterwards. Little Davey Kerr, the Rangers’ goaltender certainly stood up there in goal and held off those Toronto big shots.

I’m going to Manual Training in the morning. I suppose Dad listens to the news every five minutes now. I don’t hear quite as much as I would like to. I wouldn’t mind hearing it once in the morning and once at night. I have to teach a lesson on New England and one on Gibraltar for Rigney on Wednesday but anyway it’s the last one except the whole week. I guess this is all the news for now. Write. Love, Helene.

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