Letters from Normal School: April 17, 1940

April 17 194023 McKenzie Ave.,
April 17, 1940.

Dear Folks, –
I received your letter to-night. I wasn’t home at noon and didn’t get here until about 5:45 to-night. I was at Rigney’s again. I think the lessons went better to-day. He didn’t have a great deal to say but I don’t know how many marks he will give me. That was the last lesson anyway. Next week’s teaching ends it all up I guess. It is raining here to-night and so isn’t so pleasant out. Yesterday was a lovely day.

So the boys think they are good enough for Chatham eh! If they are any worse than that guy that I heard sing, “South of the Border,” you wouldn’t be able to stay in the same house with them. That certainly was an awful programme. They must be better than that!

My Rangers did pretty well didn’t they! After they started to play in that third period, they made the Leafs look dizzy. They did the trick pretty fast once they started. Those fellows on the air seemed to hate to admit that the best team won especially Foster Hewitt. He’s all for Toronto. Ilene King wanted Rangers to win too. All the people up at her house are strong Toronto fans.

So you’ve burned up the yearly batch of syrup eh! They seem to manage one a year. Mrs. Holdaway had her hands full with her husband sick in bed and 1200 children to look after. There have been an awful lot of colds and flu around here. Several girls have been out of school. The girls who had the measles are back this week.

Did you know that Mary Pickford is going to make a picture. I read an item somewhere. It said that she had been thinking about it for a long time and her friends have been urging her and she has finally decided to make one. They haven’t picked the story yet.

Last Friday night, Ilene King was over for awhile and we made our potato prints. Had some fun. Got dabbling water colours around. Saturday morning I went to Manual Training and Saturday afternoon I went uptown. Got some screws and looked around and I went to a show,. It wasn’t anything much. Saturday night I finished reading, “As You Like It” and listened to the hockey game. I was alone as the Howards were up town.

By the way did you know that last Friday night about 1 am (Saturday morning) the new A& P store and Dad’s Go Carts tried to burn up. The building did not burn right down, but it ruined all the stock – $15000 loss. It had just been open for about a month. They are investingating it. They were doing a wonderful business and I wonder in my own mind if there might not be some dirty work about it. They haven’t given their report yet.

I didn’t get up until 12 o’clock last Sunday. Ilene King and I and Mrs. Howard went to church. There were 50 in the Normal choir. The music was grand I thought. They sang one anthem with the regular church choir, 2 anthems by themselves, a duet and 2 boys played a violin and cello duet.

McGinlay is the red-hot preacher that everybody around here seems to think is so funny. He is the one that Marjorie and I were going to hear. Fat Rockey says he is the one real preacher in London.

Monday night, Marjorie and I went to see Deanna Durbin in “It’s a Date.” It is very good. I was up till 1 working then and of course last night I was working on the lessons. We are having Home Economics etc., test on Friday.

I have been looking at the calendar and 7 weeks from to-night is the 5th of June and all final exams and everything will be over. We are supposed to know before the 23rd of May (trip to Guelph) what exams we will have to write. I think I know now. I have signed up to go to Guelph. They have to know ahead. They can’t get buses on account of the holiday. We are to have a special train, to go and come at our set time. We will have to leave early because we are to be in Guelph about 9 in the morning. We will pick up Stratford on the way. The fare on the train is $1.85. So if my luck holds, I may get for a train ride yet.

We are also to go to the Ontario Hospital to see the cattle and greenhouses, etc. There was some talk of going this Friday but I guess not.

This may surprise you, but I may be home this week-end. We teach next week you see, so have nothing that has to be done. I am making a stuffed elephant for sewing and my knitting is not finished etc. but I could do that at home.

I haven’t made up my mind definitely yet. I wanted to bring Marjorie again too but I don’t know about that. I don’t think I will be home any week-end in May before the 24th. There are only 3 of them. We have tests booked up all through and have all our work to finish up then. You know we have less than a month of actual classes left.

I guess I don’t know much more to-night. I have some washing to do and some work and some studying. I may see you this week-end and I may not. Anything is apt to happen. Love, Helene. I’ll pass the box around.

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