As the Story is Told: Other Morpeths: Morpeth England

Taken from “As the Story is Told”

Other Morpeths

Morpeth, EnglandMany of our towns, cities, rivers, etc. in Canada have derived their names from places in England, and Morpeth is no exception. There is not only a Morpeth here, named after the one in England, but also one in New South Wales, Australia.

Morpeth England

Morpeth: Historic Town of the Lower HunterMorpeth England, has a population of 14,391 and is the main town in the Borough of Castle, Morpeth and the county town of Northumberland. Despite its proximity to the industrial area of south east Northumberland, Morpeth is a market town rich in architectural and historical interest and is serving a wide rural area for shopping and other services. Its history dates from the 11th century, but the main development of the town took place in the last 100 years.

On a visit to Morpeth, England in 1985 a letter was taken from our committee with greetings from Morpeth, Canada. The following is a response, in part, to that letter:

Dear Mrs. Giddis,
I was delighted to receive your letter of the 9th August, 1985 with greetings from Morpeth, Canada which I have pleasure in reciprocating. I was interested to hear that you are writing a history of Morpeth, Ontario and that you wish to include in it a passage about Morpeth in Northumberland.

I have pleasure in enclosing the guide book relating to the Borough of Castle Morpeth which contains a synopsis of the history of the town of Morpeth itself. Perhaps I should explain here that the town of Morpeth is longstanding. Indeed it was a borough by prescription which mean that it was in existence before the beginning of English legal history in 1189.

I wish you well with your project and hope that the book is a success. It would be greatly appreciated if you could forward a couple of copies of it in due course for the interest of and retention as a civic record by the Castle Morpeth Borough Council.

Yours sincerely,
Maurice Cole
Chief Executive

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