Letters from Normal School: April 24, 1940 “Full of Spring Air”

23 McKenzie Ave.,
April 24, 1940

Dear Folks, —April 24 1940 letter
This doesn’t seem like Wednesday night but I guess it is. Well I’m having a very good time this week – much better than I expected. I’m not even having very much work to do. I’m getting to bed at 11 and 11:30 these nights and that is something unusual too. I seem sleepy too. It takes 20 minutes of brisk walking to get to the school and after you do that 4 times a day, you are full of spring air and it makes me have spring fever I guess.

My teacher, Mr. Newton is bigger than I am but he cannot control his class. I think he does too much talking. I have 25 boys and 15 girls – and all very much alive too. They have behaved very well so far for me. I only have one real lesson to prepare to-night. There is no seatwork in a one-grade class. Ilene King and Vrosdick (sp?) from Victoria too seem to have a lot to do. I’m going to have charge to-morrow and the next day and will be looking for callers. I would much rather teach than go over to the Normal. Jean Fydell who was teaching next door to me is sick. I thought she had the flu yesterday but she stuck it out till 4. She wasn’t there to-day. I guess she could only whisper to-day.

I’m afraid I haven’t much news. I do think it is going to rain though. This week has been altogether too nice to last. I wrote Ethel a letter last night.

I will be looking for a letter from you soon. I had a lesson in art this afternoon. I set up a couple of tulips in front of them and told them to draw them. Some of them turned out fairly good ones and some were bad (like mine).

We saw a few of the kids on the way home to-night and compared notes. I may go over to see Marjorie and her crowd for a few minutes now.

Mrs. Howard is around alright. She complains somewhat and has some cold but I don’t think she is awfully sick.

I really can’t think of anything to write: I have to learn about Alexander MacKenzie to-night and so I guess I had better get started on my way.

How’s the green elephant?

Love, Helene.

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