Letters from Normal School: May 1, 1940

letter from May 1 1940 Canada23 McKenzie Ave.,
May 1, 1940

Dear Folks,–

Well, here it is May already. I can’t keep up with time. I suppose you have been getting some rain too. It has poured here most all day to-day. It was raining quite hard to-day when I came home at noon and it just poured while I was here but I waited and it let up when I went back. When I was going in the driveway, Jim Mitchell (the one we saw in Windsor), had his head out a third-floor window, and he yelled, “Good weather for ducks, eh!” It is clearing now but is cooler too. It’s about time for some more snow.

This is Wednesday and it seems a little strange not to be teaching. I guess I was just too lazy to write you last Friday night. The thought just occurred to me – I rather wish I had kept a diary this year, Marjorie does, but I think that my letters to you and my accounts would do almost as well.

I finished my week last week all O.K. Mr. Newton was very nice. He spent 7 years in China before he became a school teacher. He told me that he was going to send in a good report for me to the Normal. Friday afternoon the staff at Victoria had a little tea for us, at 3:30. There were 9 students there.

I couldn’t find much to do Friday night. I didn’t like the shows uptown. I stayed home –heard the Cities Service Hour and Abe Lyman and did a little studying and went to bed.

Saturday morning I spent at the school. I brought my book rack home with me and last night Mr. Howard put the screws in for me so it is stuck together at last. I have to stain it yet. It is not a very neat job but that rotten old wood—–.

Saturday afternoon I walked over to the Glenwood, the one near here and saw Douglas Fairbanks Jr. In “Rulers of the Sea,” and “Stop, Look and Love.” They were both very good. “rulers of the Sea” is the story of crossing the Atlantic for the first time with a steamboat.

Saturday night I went uptown for a little while. Got 2 or 3 things I needed. I was home about 9 and studied awhile, took a bath and went to bed. I didn’t get up until 12 on Sunday, got dressed about 3 and went for about a 6 block walk to get a little fresh air. The sunshine was lovely – there was quite a cool breeze but the sun was so warm. Sunday night I would have liked to have heard Savage but I couldn’t get anyone to go with me and it is pretty well out east somewhere.

So I went over to Wesley, all by myself. The Orpheus Girls Choir of Stratford, 25 girls all under 18, were there. They sang entirely without notes (music). Sounded quite a bit like Phil Spitalny’s girls. Wesley has organized a junior choir just recently. The junior choir and the regular choir sat in the gallery at the back of the church. When they came in, my problem child (of last week), the little brat, was the second one. I wished that I had been sitting where she could see me.

I handed in the wristlets on Monday and they haven’t come back as I guess they are O.K. The elephant is O.K. too. Everybody thought you did a fine job. I haven’t finished sewing the ears on yet. I should stuff him tomorrow too. One of the girls sewed on buttons for his eyes. If you happened to have a couple of little round buttons about 1/4” or so across, maybe brown or some colour you might stick them in a letter and send them before next Wednesday. I have to hand him in on Wednesday.

I know why it rained. We were going to play ball to-day. I was out for a little while last night after school.. Wasn’t the weather the first of the week lovely We are supposed to play our game to-morrow but it is still threatening rain.

I had a letter from Mrs. Rockey on Monday and if you see her before I do, tell her I was glad to hear from her. Training to-day. Last night I went over to see Marjorie to get some help with some things. She came home with me and we went for a walk. I just got home in time – it started to really rain. It was nice when we were out.

I don’t think the guys want me to pass. We found out to-day that we wouldn’t know the results until Tuesday the 29th and start to write the 30th. I guess the only thing to do is to study all the first ones at least. They don’t believe in cramming but I do in my case in particular. I’m not worrying about my teaching because I didn’t have any masters and anyone who is poor in teaching is supposed to be seen by the Principal and 4 masters. But, oh, those examinations!

I’m rather disappointed I had hoped to get home this week-end but I should study. I can’t do Manual Training on Saturday because he isn’t going to be there. We are having 2 tests this Friday and Arithmetic next Friday. If I could make about 80 in Arithmetic I wouldn’t have to write the 3 Mathematics. I think likely there will be more tests next week that we haven’t heard about yet. We shall see what we shall see. Marjorie and all the kids at her house are going home this week-end.

The Happy Gang are going to be here on Monday night and I see by the paper to-night that all the seats are sold out already – .75 and $1.00 they are too.

I think this is a pretty good account of the happenings of this week and I must get to work. Our neighbours moved out to-day. I might change my mind and come yet but right now I don’t think so. Are you busy housecleaning for next Thursday? Helene.

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