Letters from Normal School: May 3, 1940

23 McKenzie Ave.,
May 3, 1940

Dear Folks, —May 3 1940
I got your letter to-day and I thought it was about time I was hearing from you. It was a pretty good letter too. I haven’t had the flu yet. I’m rather tired to-night. Only got 4 1/2 hrs sleep last night. I hope to catch up over the week-end. I don’t have to get up early to-morrow morning.

I decided not to come home this week-end. I haven’t so much to do just this week-end we are having arithmetic next Friday and one or two others but I don’t know just when, so I thought I would try to do some studying this week-end and hope that I can get home next week-end.

We have had rather a mental day to-day. We have been studying mental health. We had one regular period of it this morning, then a test in mental health followed by one in Higgins this afternoon. Immediately following that we went out to the Ontario Hospital. We didn’t see many patients. Some of them watched us out the windows. Some of the men were milking the cows. We had 3 special busses come to the school and take us out and bring us back. We just paid the regular fare. Didn’t get back till about 5:30. We saw the cattle and pigs, (and how! That smell! Get a clothes pin!) the chickens and greenhouse. I don’t think I learned much but the city ones would.

So they got their plaything. I couldn’t be surprised at anything. Did you get that roof yet? Just plague the life out of them until you do.

Well, before I went to bed last night it was snowing. When I got up at 5 this morning the housetops were covered. I see we had about an inch. The weather has certainly been miserable. The paper says it may clear to-morrow. It rained a bit off and on to-day. I knew enough to wear my rubbers out there which some of them didn’t, and we certainly needed them.

I may go to a show to-night if I think I can keep awake. I’ll have to go right away and get home early.

You should have that room prepared with all that help! Things just worked out right didn’t they?

You’re just more than getting your housecleaning done. It’s only the first of May. I should go away oftener (What a word). I hope the Missionary meeting goes off OK. I can’t think of any more news just now. Guess I’ll get going. Jeanette MacD and Nelson Eddy’s new show is coming but not likely before I leave. I didn’t have enough to finish this. Here’s a coupon that’s been in my purse. Love, Helene.

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