Letters from Normal School: May 8, 1940

May 8 194023 McKenzie Ave.,

May 8, 1940

Dear Folks, —

It seems to me to be longer than three days since you were here but I guess it isn’t. You said Sunday night that you didn’t think any forsythias would be out yet in London. The first thing I noticed on Monday morning on my way to school was a bush in full bloom. I have seen two or three others around here since then.

Yesterday morning when I was in the bathroom, I thought I heard a familiar sound and I looked and Jimmy Wren was singing away out in the backyard. Have you seen one yet?

Well I am a cripple. It is sheer torture to move and seems to be getting worse instead of better. Monday night after school we played our first ball game. We played Form III and won 26-9. Last night we played off with Form IV and lost out after playing 2 extra innings. We still think we can beat them and are going to try again if we ever get over the effects of this.

Monday night I felt just as if there was a ton weight on me. I hadn’t begun to stiffen up yet. I got down on my haunches up in my closet to hunt a paper and I didn’t think I would ever get up again. To-day it is really awful. Talk about your lame knees. My arms are sore, my legs and ankles are stiff and my ribs are sore. It hurts to laugh. I feel as if someone had beaten up on me. Nearly everybody is the same and it was funny to-day. Every time I look at Marjorie she grins back at me. She feels the same way. She says she got a coughing spell last night and it nearly killed her. She caught for us.

To-day at noon when I went back to school, it was raining pretty hard, so I just buttoned my coat up around my neck and hobbled along as if I didn’t know it was raining. I just couldn’t make my legs go any faster. I made at least 10 trips up and down those long stairs to-day too and it isn’t funny. I’ve been stiff before or had a sore arm but not like this.

Didn’t I tell you Sunday night that it was going to rain? Mrs. Howard says that we had quite a storm between 5 and 6 A.M. Ilene King said that it woke her up too and was she mad. I never heard a sound. We got quite a bit of rain too. Of course it has rained on and off all day to-day too.

I’ve been wondering if you got your room finished up. It has been so cold. I wish it would get a little warmer. Are you all set for to-morrow or did you postpone it? I hope everything goes off alright.

McEachran told us to-day that we would have a test in Social Studies on Friday so that makes two for Friday.

I handed in my elephant to-day. It looked rather funny to see these people walking down the streets with these stuffed animals. They made baby elephants, giraffes, horses too and they made quite a show when they were all together. Some of them are not finished yet because they have been running out of kapok all the time. They have used sacks and sacks of it. It takes about 1/2 sack for an elephant like mine. Of course some of the other animals do not take so much. I don’t know any more about coming home than I did. I’m thinking of it. We are having a religious test on Monday but that is the only one so far. We expect more though. I hope that the weather clears up by the end of the week. If anything should happen that I can’t come, why I just can’t.

I can’t seem to think of any news. I have to get to work so will go out and post this now to have it done.

Love, Helene.

I’ll likely be seeing you Friday unless something unforeseen happens. Write.

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