Letters from Normal School: May 15, 1940

May 15 194023 McKenzie Ave.,

May 15, 1940

Dear Folks, —

Well, nothing much has happened this week except one word – rain, rain and more rain. It rained every night up till to-day and then it broke down and wept all this afternoon.

Well, I had quite a trip on Sunday. I suppose you knew that the bus was a little late leaving. He was making up time. We didn’t seem to be going very fast but we were in Iona which is 32 miles in 34 minutes and he made four stops and went in and delivered a letter at each. Not bad eh! Well, we got to Talbotville on time at 2:45. They said we would have to wait 40 minutes for the bus to London. We just waited one hour and ten minutes. As luck would have it, I had put my religious book on top of my bag and I read half of it while I was waiting. When I got into London it was raining quite hard and I had to wait for a bus. It was nearly 5 o’clock when I finally got here.

It took me until 12 P.M. Sunday night to get my religion horse and dog cart done so it was a good thing I didn’t leave it until morning to do. Mrs. Howard said Monday morning, that we had quite a thunderstorm in the night but I didn’t hear it. Monday was very warm. My room was hot so I put my window up as far as it would go which isn’t so awfully far. I went to bed quite early for once. Suddenly there was a terrific crash. I jumped out of bed and hauled the window down. I thought it must be near morning but I guess it was only about 1:30. It certainly was an awful crash. As long as I was awake after, I never heard even the slightest rumble of thunder. Ilene told me that there was quite a bit of thunder before and she had gotten up to close her window and was standing looking out when the terrific crash came. It made her jump. They thought it hit something pretty close but I haven’t heard of anything.

I was thoroughly disgusted this afternoon. We had a ballgame scheduled for 1:30 and it started to rain just after we started to play. We had a holiday this afternoon. The whole staff had a conference to talk about us, I guess. Miss Rider had picked two teams to play. I was to play centre field. The team for Guelph will be picked from these.

Last night Ilene King and I went to a show. Saw Sonja Henie in, “It Happens at Night” and “Stolen Life.” They were both very good. Marjorie can’t catch me at home. She was over Saturday night and again last night. She wrote in my autograph album to-day. Dear Ducky (who is never at home.) She and the boy friend are going strong. I tease her all the time. Ilene wanted to enquire about train time last night so I asked the time for a train to Thamesville. I thought maybe I would get an early morning one on the 24th, but no soap.

Friday morning we are to go on our bird hunt, if it doesn’t rain. Some of the members of the Bird Club are to take us. We are to be at the school at 5:30. Boy, do we have to get up early. We are supposed to be back by 8 so that we can go eat afterwards.

Dr. Mark told us the other day that we would leave for Guelph at 6 o’clock. That means we will have to get up about 4:30. We’ll have to walk to the station or get a taxi because the buses don’t run that early. I don’t know whether it is C.N.R. or not.

I haven’t forgotten about the grease for the cleaner. I phoned both yesterday and the day before. I went up town this afternoon and got it eventually. It is just a small tube and cost me .20. I will have to go to the post office to send it and will do so as soon as possible.

Mr. McKone tells us that at least 40% of the students will have to write examinations. It doesn’t matter whether you have over 66 marks or not. Only the highest 60% will be recommended. I think that is a rotten deal. Probably 66% for me means just as much as 80% to some other people. I say recommend all those who get 66 or else none. I got 38 out of 50 on the Arithmetic but since he said that, I don’t expect to be recommended in anything. I thought that if you got 66 you would be recommended but I guess not. It’s like an insurance policy – you have to read all the fine print on the back.

It has stopped raining now but Mrs. Howard said the paper says thunderstorms for to-morrow.

I can’t think of any more news now so I guess I’ll wind this up for now. Write.

Love, Helene.

Are you flooded out yet, with that leaky roof? They had better fix it before you are.

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