Letters from Normal School: May 17, 1940

23 McKenzie Dr.

May 17, 1940

May 17 1940

Dear Folks, —

It doesn’t seem more than 5 minutes hardly since I was writing you last but I’ll drop you a line again. I got yours to-day. You’ve had a quiet week, I gather – lots of rain to lull you to sleep.

I posted that grease yesterday and suppose you get it to-day. The flowers must have come out quickly – it’s marvelous what a warm day or two will do.

Thursday night, Mr. Howard came up to bed about 11:30. He developed another attack like he had before only not quite so bad. He seems to have a little cold and bronchitis. He gets so he can’t get his breath very well. Between you and I, I wonder if his heart isn’t bad. Mrs. Howard called their doctor up and he was in bed and didn’t seem to want to come over – told her to put on mustard. After while she called another doctor and he was out and didn’t come for quite awhile. I hung around, I didn’t know whether to go to bed or not. I finally did but I heard the doctor come and go and she said it was 2:45 when he left and I didn’t got to sleep for some time after that, so I didn’t get much. I’ve been awfully sleepy to-day. The after effects are always the second day after. He seems to be better to-day but is still in bed.

Marjorie was over for a few minutes last night. Their neighbour was going to take them on the bird hike this morning at 5:30 and I could go with them. It was out to a pond though and I decided it would be very wet whether it was raining or not, and I wanted to sleep so I decided not to go. It wasn’t raining this morning, so quite a large number went. Marjorie said they saw 28 different kinds of birds. I guess it was nice but very, very muddy. Some of them went a way above their shoes and rubbers and had to have a bath when they came back.

A few minutes ago, the phone rang and it was Mrs. Elgie. She wants me to go out there Wednesday night for supper. If I do, I will have to come back early because we have to be up very early next morning. I may change the day to Tuesday. We are to buy our tickets for Guelph on Monday.

We had our play day inside to-day. Had a few games and a piece of cake and some punch to drink. They were dancing when I left.

I have been sending my autograph book around and am getting quite a collection. I am listening to Cities Service now.

There really wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t have come home this week but I hope to do some studying. I hardly know where to start. I won’t likely do much over the 24th. Don’t be too surprised if Marjorie should come home with me. She just might.

I just called the Greyhound. It leaves here in the morning at 11. He said it would be about 11:45. I think that one of those times must be wrong. I’ll check again. I don’t know yet what time we will get back from Guelph. Write.

Love, Helene.

It is raining again tonight.

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