Letters From Normal School: May 21, 1940

23 McKenzie Ave.,May 21 1940

May 21, 1940

Dear Folks,–

I always thought you were crazy and now I know it. The Ducks may be slow sometimes but when they go, they really go and get places in a short time. I would like to have seen the Happy Gang too. I think you get more kick out of things when you do them unexpectedly.

As for you coming down Thursday night, I think it would [be] swell. I expect that Marjorie is coming home with me. She popped up here last night about 10 o’clock and we walked for an hour. It was lovely out. We were discussing ways and means of getting to Morpeth. I guess the best would be the Greyhound. It leaves here at 11 o’clock and is due there at 12:55, but then we lose half of our holiday.

As nearly as I can find out, we are supposed to leave Guelph at 7:15 and are supposed to be back here at 9:15 Thursday night. So now, it is up to you. We would be only too glad to get out of here Thursday night but I suppose if you shouldn’t come we’ll be catching the bus on Friday. We have to be up at the C.N.R. at 6 on Thursday morning, so we’ll have to be up early.

I spent a very lazy week-end. Of course, it rained about twice a day at least. I didn’t get up until 12 on Saturday. In the afternoon I went up town and did the stores and the market and then went to a show. Saw “Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case” with Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore and “Over the Moon”. They were both very good.

Saturday night I was home. Sunday morning it was raining again and I didn’t get up until 10 and wasn’t dressed until after 4. Sunday night it rained some more.

We were to play ball yesterday at 4 o’clock and it rained just enough to wet the grass all up, just at 4. It was disgusting. We did play to-night however. Maybe I told you before that they had picked out 2 teams to play and then they were going to pick the team for Guelph. I can’t make up my mind what to wear. I don’t like the idea of leaving anything too good lying around. We are supposed to take our lunch for supper. I’ll be ready to eat likely when I get back to London because I can’t carry very much around all day.

Mr. Howard has to stay in bed all this week at least. You might bring a dozen or so eggs if you come. I guess I’m going out to Elgie’s for supper to-morrow night. I have to get in early though. I’m lad we’ll have the car next Sunday. I have to cut out Australia to-night. Had a letter from Ethel to-day but haven’t heard from Ike. Will be seeing you soon. Love, Helene.

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