Letters from Normal School: May 28, 1940

23 McKenzie Ave.

May 28, 1940

Dear Folks, —May 28 1940

I’ve just come from Marjorie’s. Went over to get some books to study from and stayed too long, so this letter will have to be written in a hurry. Well the fatal day is nearly over. I promised and expected to write 10 exams but fate has decided otherwise. We went to the Assembly Hall at 3:30 this afternoon and after about an hour they got around to it. They called up to the platform all those who got all their exams without leaving to try them, one form at a time. 52 out of 160 got through without writing. I think that is a record. Then the rest of us adjourned to the classrooms to get the bad news. I have to write 3 which takes in 6 subjects.

I have to write Art, music and writing on Friday afternoon. Next Monday morning I write Science of Education and the following Wednesday afternoon, Health and Physical Education. How I got the others is more than I’ll ever know. I got Mathematics (Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic), Speech, Reading and Literature, Science and Agriculture, Grammar, Composition and Spelling, Social Studies, Manual Training, Home Economics and School Management. A great many have to write School Management.

Marjorie has 3 to write too. One of them is Science of Education but the other 2 are different. The other 3 girls at her house all got theirs without writing and are very busy packing. Marjorie’s Ronald has 3 to write too. Marjorie writes one of hers on the last morning and I write mine on the last afternoon. Mine are spaced very well. Now to buckle down and get them. Nobody is writing more than 8. Verna Elgie has 8. Jean Fydell has 4. I have neither seen or heard of Ilene King yet.

I am really elated to-night as I certainly expected to write more than that. I planted my garden yesterday and all I expect to do now is study.

Marjorie got her Science too. I bet her a soda that she would. I told her that I’m going to collect too. I guess that is most of the news for now. I’ll likely write you again near the end of the week. Mr. Howard gets up for a little while each afternoon. Write. Love, Helene.

We got our school year books yesterday and our rings to-day.

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