Letters from Normal School: June 3, 1940 – last letter home.

June 3 194023 McKenzie Ave.,

June 3, 1940

Dear Folks,–

Just a line to let you know that I’m still alive. This will likely be the last one you will get unless something unforeseen happens. It is very hot in my room to-night. I tried to take a snooze after supper but it was too hot. I am tired too.

I studied until after one Sunday morning. I didn’t sleep very well when I went to bed. I studied all day Sunday without a break almost until I was nearly mad. About 8:30 last night I went over to Marjorie’s and we did some old examination papers and came to the conclusion that we didn’t know much. We walked down to Huffman’s and back and I felt a little better. I studied until after 12 and again this morning at 4:30. By breakfast time, my nerves were pretty well on edge. It seems to affect my stomach. I ate hardly any breakfast and had to choke down what I did eat.

When I got at the exam though I felt better. I think it was easier than last year’s but there were numerous blanks on my paper. I only hope I get enough to pass. As usual I could have used more time.

I’m going to try to catch up on sleep to-night and then go at the studying tomorrow. These subjects should not be so bad though.

I sent two applications away so far.

I don’t know any news. I suppose that you are very busy on nice days like this. I bet this one made you sweat. It did me. It is nice outside here now.

At present time Ilene King is here bothering me.

I expect that I’ll be catching that 6 o’clock bus Wednesday night if I can get packed in time. If not, I’ll come Thursday morn. If you have anything else in mind let me know. Otherwise I expect to catch that bus.

Got to get out and mail this now.
Love, Helene.

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