As the Story is Told: Morpeth Hall, Part 4

The concert in the hall

When I went to school at Morpeth
Many happy hours were spent,
In preparing for the concert
As it was a great event.
We would always ask the teacher,
Quite early in the fall,
When will we start to practice
For the concert in the hall?
Soon all the books were gathered
And we read them with great care,
To choose the songs, the drills and plays
That we would all prepare.
We would work to make our costumes
From whatever we could find,
For money was not plentiful,
But the hearts of folks were kind.
As time drew near to Christmas,
We would hear the teacher call,
“Wear your warm clothes tomorrow,
We must practice at the hall.”
People came from miles around,
Some were big and some were small,
And from one corner to the other
They would fill that Morpeth hall.
Now that eight o’clock had come,
And everyone was there,
To the tune of “The Repaz Band,”
We would march right up the stair.
There always was a welcome,
For the folks down in the crowd,
It might be a recitation
Or a song we sung quite loud.
Pre-schoolers all had recitations,
That is, if they would.
Sometimes it was hard to hear them,
But they did the best they could.
We would always end the program,
With the “Babe in Bethlehem”,
Anbd angels singing carols
With Shepherds and Wise Men.
Thebn Santa Claus would enter,
With his jolly ho! Ho! Ho!
He would always kiss the teacher,
That was his reward you know.
When the concert was all finished,
Then the folks would all depart,
Feeling that the joy of Christmas
Once again, had filled each heart.
In the memories of my childhood,
One I always will recall,,
Is the good, old fashioned concerts,
That were held at Morpeth Hall”.
–Authour unknown, submitted by Mrs. Wm. Magee

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