About The Farmhouse Chronicles

antique negative

Great Grandpa Duck and horses

I grew up on a farm in Kent County, Ontario, bordering on the hamlet of Morpeth. This land, which my ancestors toiled over for generations, etched itself into the landscape of my memory, inspiring me to be the artist and writer I am today.

Every time I return to the Farm, I return home to British Columbia with a new batch of treasures: post cards, hat pins, journals, dishes. Up to this point, I have been blogging about some of these finds on my art journal blog, delightfilledart.wordpress.com (genealogy category). While painting, I’m often side-tracked by looking through my “old stuff.” I find it so fascinating, that I decided to start a new blog dedicated to documenting and sharing these treasures.

I hope that you will enjoy following my blog and learning about life one hundred years ago in rural Ontario, in a time before wind turbines.

mixed media collage painting

“The Duck Barns” mixed media collage painting, Nancy Hildebrand

8 thoughts on “About The Farmhouse Chronicles

  1. I was so surprised to stumble across your site today. I grew up on a farm just outside Morpeth and many of my maternal ancestors lived in the vicinity – Galbraiths, Sterlings, Chase. My Dad, John Trenter, and Mother purchased the old Galbraith farm on Yoppingburg Sideroad in the ’40’s. Marjorie Smith Geddes was my public school teacher and I have a copy of her book “As the Story Is Told”. As a child I knew Helene Duck. I will be visiting this site to read all your stories and am so glad to have found it.

    • I am the granddaughter of Ethel and Harry Rockey. I dearly love my memories of Morpeth. I am so glad to have found your site. I will be back often!

  2. Another interesting connection, I think, is the second last minister in the list. I went to Riverside High school in Windsor. A Herb Summers was a couple of grades ahead of me.
    Jim Duck

  3. I have enjoyed reading the chronicles, I have always lived between New Scotland and Rondeau Park on Kent Bridge road and know/knew or am related to many of the people mentioned.
    Five generations of my family are laid to rest in Morpeth cemetery my Dad was a former trustee.
    Doug Stirling

  4. I am so glad to have found your treasure of information. My grandparents raised their children on a small onion farm in Morpeth and I grew up and had my first child while still living in Morpeth. I believe we rode the school bus together. I was also the young paper girl who learned a wealth of information from my retired customers including Helene Duck who used to tell me stories of my family she taught. I return from time to time to visit family still there and realize what I miss most is the closeness we shared in our little community and how the elder generations were truly neighbourhood grandparents and we all looked out for each other.

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