Archibald Lampman poetry

The poet, Archibald Lampman, was born in Morpeth, Ontario. This morning I was flipping through some of my antique books, looking for ideas for my mixed media collage painting series that I’m working on. I came across a couple of Archibald Lampman poems in my grandmother’s old reader. I enjoyed reading these, so I wanted…

vintage dating pick up lines

Vintage Pick Up Lines

I’ve shared these before, but had to pull them out again in time for Valentine’s Day next month! What kinds of pick up lines have you heard in your life time? Do you think any of these would have charmed you?

Ontario Blank Drawing Book 1939

1939 Collection of Weeds

I’ve had this old scrapbook in my old papers collection for a few years, its pages showing all kinds of great textures and nuances for collage art. Each page is labelled with the name of a plant, and here are traces of tape where my great aunt’s weed collection was once displayed. I found references…

90-year-old letter

This letter was written by my eight-year-old Great Aunt about my Grandpa Donald (then 4) and my Great Grandmother. It’s just a simple day-in-the-life of a rural family, 3 generations before my own children (age 6 and 5). It was written exactly 90 years ago. This letter, never sent, was probably just an assignment by…

antique Sir Wilfred Laurier postcard

Postcard of Sir Wilfred Laurier

Happy Canada Day! I thought this postcard would be an appropriate one to share today: Canadians will recognize this face from our five dollar bill: Wilfred Laurier. At first glance, this postcard is similar to the kind of flyer we might receive today from a political candidate. However it appears that it was signed by…

1909 envelope from Detroit

1909 letter from Ethel

This letter was sent to my great grandparents just after their 1909 wedding. I have already posted the response letter from Mary to Ethel dated January 22, 1909 here. I wonder how those early days went at Hillcrest Cottage. Sadly, Mary’s father, Faxon Kimmerly, died on January 30, just a couple weeks after this letter…

1924 Easter card bunny painting eggs

1924 Easter card

When my grandfather was four, and his sister Helene was 8, she received this postcard from “some little boy.” It was probably either from her brother, my grandpa, or their cousin Billie Duck.