Letter from Gibson

A reply back from one of my Great Aunt’s many letters of January 1925. I wonder who Gibson was? Maybe a cousin? Too bad he didn’t give more details about his lantern shows in the basement. Toronto Ont. Jan 21, 1925 Dear Helene, I hope you will soon be better. I have been out skating.…

antique valentine duck

Antique Valentine: duck

My maiden name is Duck, and let me tell you that in the 1980s, it wasn’t a very fun last name. My siblings and I endured a lot of heckling on Bus 6! My great grandparents generation seemed to have gotten more of a kick out of it. This duck Valentine was probably handpicked for…

Valentine 1920

Antique Valentine

Here is another cute stand-up Valentine that my great aunt Helene received in the 1920s. The little girl’s eyes move back and forth. I looked up “Thelma Sheeler,” the sender. It seems she married a Hobson (source: ancestry board).

vintage valentine's day cards

Antique Valentine’s Day cards

Aren’t these 1920s Valentine’s Day cards adorable? Most of them were made to stand up on their own, and are embossed. Several were designed with moving eyes and other parts. I will be featuring individual Valentine’s over the next several Fridays leading up to Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned! Today we have “Clinton” to thank…

1920 photo of men

Old Morpeth photos

I’ve posted quite a few of the photos for “Photo Wednesday” – I have from around 1920 in Morpeth, Ontario (some are probably quite a bit earlier). The first has a grouping of people, some of whom look familiar, like the lady in the middle of the top row (I think that might be Leta,…

1920s swimming

Swimming in Lake Erie

It’s fun seeing people swimming in Lake Erie about 90 years ago. I’m not sure who these people are but the older baby looks familiar, like it may be my grandpa. We still take advantage of the lake. On our trip home this summer we spent lots of time at the Lake Erie beach in…