rural women 1900s

Morpeth women in early 1900s

Here is a group photo of some Morpeth women, which I thought was interesting in relation to Monday’s post about women’s organizations in Morpeth. The woman with the child at the front looks a lot like the lady in my December 4 post, which was taken in 1913. That is the best clue I have…

1913 postcard in Ridgetown

A hundred years ago on December 15, this postcard was sent to my great-great aunt (Leta Duck – here’s a link to her birth & death info) – a photo taken in October 1913. From what I can make out, the writing on the front says MCR Depot Ridgetown – October 1913 – . The…

Old photo ladies trellis

Ladies by the lake

I wonder who these two women were, and where this photo was taken. One guess is that it is along the lakeshore in late fall – there are leaves on the ground but not on the vine or tree. It must have been taken in the late 1800s.