Discovering old spectacles

When I was about eleven years old, I ordered “Who is Frances Rain” from the book order. It was a story about a girl who found an old pair of spectacles and is transported back in time to discover fascinating things about her ancestors. Needless to say, I was out to the barn (of which…

antique locks 19th century

Tiny antique locks

Among my great grandmother’s things were these tiny sterling silver padlocks with keys. Both are engraved on the back with “Mary” and I imagine they were given to her as a child. They were grouped with a few other items that may have been at the bottom of her jewelery box during her entire life.

China tea cups and saucers

I brought home some interesting tea cups & saucers, as well as a pretty set of three saucers that are all different sizes. The saucer set is from Germany, and the tea cup with the three little legs was from Japan. The small tea cup has no writing on it at all.

antique negative

Visit to the Farm

This post was originally published on my art journal blog,, on September 29, 2013 Six weeks have passed since we returned from our visit “home” to the farm where I was raised. I can’t believe how much time has elapsed and that I am only now able to begin to process the experience and…