Thanksgiving postcard vintage

Thanksgiving Greetings

This postcard is also unsent and undated, so it may have been from 1916 also like the one I shared yesterday. It was sent to Leta Duck’s sister Hattie. Addressed to: Miss Harriet Cogdale 525 Newport St. East Detroit, Michigan cfo. H.Addeman Wish Hattie Thanksgiving Greeting – Well when are you coming down. Am getting…

Old Photo: Betty

This week’s old photo features a possible link between the Betty in each photo. The only person I know is Billy Duck (my grandpa’s first cousin). Perhaps Betty Delmedge was a relative on his mother’s side, from Detroit.

1918 men

Old photos: 1918 men

Today’s old photos feature two groupings of men. The top photo includes Henry and Frank Addeman, which would’ve been Leta Duck’s relatives (Addeman was her maiden name). Perhaps they were visiting. I believe I saw the Buller name on the farm payroll, so he may have been a Morpeth, Ontario man. I don’t recognize the…

1907 Detroit Tigers postcard

1907 Detroit Tigers postcard

My family boasts several generations of Detroit Tigers fans. Since the farm is only about 90 minutes from Detroit, it really was the “home team,” despite the border. This postcard was sent to my great-great grandfather in 1907. and has made its way to my brother for his birthday! He’s been a big fan all…