Outside of 1925 letter

1925 Letter: Still Ill

No Envelope, but addressed on outside of paper: Mrs. Bob Taylor. Morpeth Ontario Canada Morpeth Ont. Jan. 14, 1925 Dear Mrs. Taylor. – How are you ? I have the whooping cough so has Donald. Dad has a bad cold so has Mother. Dad has just come back from town. Mother just read me and…

1924 Easter card bunny painting eggs

1924 Easter card

When my grandfather was four, and his sister Helene was 8, she received this postcard from “some little boy.” It was probably either from her brother, my grandpa, or their cousin Billie Duck.

1938 Donald Duck and Helene Duck

1938 snapshots

Here are a few photos from my Great Aunt, Helene Duck’s, album. It’s nice getting to see a photo of my grandfather, Donald Duck (yes, that was his name), on the left in that first photo.