1908 postcard Labour Day, Canada, Homestead Life

Starting Out to the Day’s Toil

  After a much needed break from routine, I’m back with a postcard that seemed fitting for Labour Day weekend – “Starting Out to the Day’s Toil” I actually love this time of the year. I get very motivated and ambitious in all aspects of my life: cooking with wonderful fall harvest ingredients, making plans…

1965 postcard Jasper Banff hightway

Parks Day tribute: 1965 Jasper Banff Highway postcard

Today is Parks Day, so I thought I’d share a postcard from the Jasper Banff Highway from 1965. My great aunt really looked forward to her roadtrips with a few girlfriends, and in 1965 they took “the west” by storm. Like most tourists, they were on a quest to see some wildlife, but no luck…

boathouse postcard 1924

1924 postcard from Muskoka

This 1924 postcard was sent to my Great grandmother from her nephew, Tom Kimmerly – a cousin to my grandfather, Donald Duck. The families were very close, and often visited and wrote to each other. I grew up in Ontario too, and we visited the Muskoka region. The place I went to summer camp, near…

antique Sir Wilfred Laurier postcard

Postcard of Sir Wilfred Laurier

Happy Canada Day! I thought this postcard would be an appropriate one to share today: Canadians will recognize this face from our five dollar bill: Wilfred Laurier. At first glance, this postcard is similar to the kind of flyer we might receive today from a political candidate. However it appears that it was signed by…

1924 Easter card bunny painting eggs

1924 Easter card

When my grandfather was four, and his sister Helene was 8, she received this postcard from “some little boy.” It was probably either from her brother, my grandpa, or their cousin Billie Duck.

1908 Easter Greetings

1908 Easter Greetings

“Ducks are not in it when you can get chickens like these. W. R. B.” – This was the Easter Greeting sent to my great grand-mother. I wonder if the duck reference was intended to be taken at face value, because these chickens look good, or if it is related at all to the many…