vintage dating pick up lines

Vintage Pick Up Lines

I’ve shared these before, but had to pull them out again in time for Valentine’s Day next month! What kinds of pick up lines have you heard in your life time? Do you think any of these would have charmed you?

love letter poem circa 1905

Love letter from circa 1905

It’s a mystery who sent this love letter to my great-grandmother, circa 1904-1908, but she did seem to have several suitors. I can say it was hand-delivered, but other than that, the person did a pretty good job hiding his identity. She married my great grandfather, Clarence P. Duck, in January 1909.   Dear Mary:…

1904 letter

1904 letters from Great-grandfather

These two letters were written in 1904 by my Great-grandfather, Clarence Preston Duck (1885-1957) to his future wife, Mary L. Kimmerly (1887-1975). They married in 1909. In 1904, Clarence was 19, and Mary was 17. It seems like these letters were written during some kind of break up between the couple. I wonder who Hazel…

vintage dating pick up lines

Vintage pick-up lines

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I am pulling out my kit of vintage pick-up lines. I am not sure which one of my ancestors had these. Were they a gag gift? Which of these lines do you think would have been the most effective in the mid-20th century? Or why not post a comment…