love letter poem circa 1905

Love letter from circa 1905

It’s a mystery who sent this love letter to my great-grandmother, circa 1904-1908, but she did seem to have several suitors. I can say it was hand-delivered, but other than that, the person did a pretty good job hiding his identity. She married my great grandfather, Clarence P. Duck, in January 1909.   Dear Mary:…

1938 Donald Duck and Helene Duck

1938 snapshots

Here are a few photos from my Great Aunt, Helene Duck’s, album. It’s nice getting to see a photo of my grandfather, Donald Duck (yes, that was his name), on the left in that first photo.

Billie Duck, Morpeth Ontario, 1921

Billie Duck of Morpeth, Ontario 1919

My great-grandfather’s brother, Harvey Duck, married Leta Addeman on December 25, 1912 in Selton, Ontario. They lived in a house only a stone’s throw away from where I grew up, in a house that became “the old house” where I used to scavenge for antique china. The couple had one child, William (Billie) Henry Duck,…

Gaff Linkum

Gaff Linkum, 1907 novel based on Morpeth, Ontario

It’s hard to imagine that the hamlet where I grew up, Morpeth, Ontario, was ever a bustling pioneer metropolis. But as I’ve read in “As the Story is Told,” it was quite the town. Archie P. McKishnie apparently thought so too, because in 1907, he published a novel that was set on the area’s inhabitants…

My grandparents’ house

I can barely orient myself to my grandparents’ house in this photo, which is from around 1940. I spent many hours, weekly, visiting this house as a child, because it is where my grandparents lived on our shared farm. Before they lived there, my great-great grandparents, William J. Duck and his wife Mary E. Coll…

Niagara Falls 1942

The Wedding Day, 1942

Today’s old photo features my grandparents, Donald and Monica Duck, who got married on January 28, 1942. Their honeymoon took place in Niagara Falls. I was very close with my grandparents, because we lived next door to them on our farm. It’s fun to see them looking so young here.