Frank Rose's Fishery

As the Story is Told: Fishing, part 2

The varieties of fish in Lake Erie have varied from time to time but there has always seemed to be one particular kind that the fishermen depended on for their money. They referred to it as their “pay fish”. Back in the earlier days the fishermen prospered on the great herring run. In the early…

Fishing boats Morpeth, Ontario

As the Story is Told: Fishing Part 1

…previous section… Fishing Fishing along Lake Erie, in Howard, was for many years a thriving industry with at least four different fisheries in operation. One was at Morpeth known to most as Barker’s Fishery; to the east was a fishery run by Frank Rose; to the west were Colls’ Fishery at Antrim and Bates’ at…

vintage dating pick up lines

Vintage Pick Up Lines

I’ve shared these before, but had to pull them out again in time for Valentine’s Day next month! What kinds of pick up lines have you heard in your life time? Do you think any of these would have charmed you?